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Beautiful real log home i

Beautiful real log home in country, wrap around porch. S. of Charleston, IL. Priced to sell. 217-932-5400 Central Realty.

Bernina Portable Sewing

Bernina Portable Sewing Machine: Extra bobbins & manual. 217-356-9837



Downtown Champaign

Rooms from $350, 1BR from $625, 2 BR from $795.

Fall. Parking & furniture

avail. 217-367-6626

Blessed Homecare

Blessed Homecare

Non-Medical Services,

evenings and weekends.

Angela @ 217-722-7365

Boat trailer, will handle

Boat trailer, will handle 18', driveon. $300.

217-688-2272, 714-6792.

BY OWNER - Timberland

BY OWNER - Timberland 9.63 acres at Hugo IL

under Villa Grove private road. Stream runs through property. Steel bridge. Trailer 14x50, barn is 30x40 w/front porch and bathroom, kitchen, LP heat or wood heat. City water, well & septic tank. Owns 1000 gal LP tank & storage shed. 1680 E. County Road 700 N. Tuscola, If you use google map, it is wrong, it's 1 road to the right. $170,000.


Champaign Co Forest Prese

Champaign Co Forest Preserve District


Public Funds Statement

Philip Hult, Treasurer

Combined Statement of Revenue and Expenses and Changes in Fund Balance

Revenue Property Tax 3,450,357; User Fees 704,514; Bonding 283,566; Sales 258,744; Personal Property Replacement Tax 163,046; Capital Grants 78,245; Other 45,301; Donations 10,659; Total 4,994,433

Expenses Culture and Recreation 2,858,853; General Government 1,126,041; Capital Outlay 570,029; Debt Service 223,079; Environment 205,146 Total 4,983,148

Fund Balance FY15 Fund Balance $2,803,013; FY16 Fund Balance $2,838,138

Revenues by Fund

Corporate: Property Taxes 2,051,290; User Fees 202,641; Personal Prop Replacement Tax 151,633; Other 25,532; Donations 7,589; Sales 7,579; TOTAL 2,446,264 Improvements & Development: Property Taxes 643,263; Sales 58,094; Other 9,370; User Fees 3,342; TOTAL 714,069 Golf; User Fees 491,368; Sales 177,837; Other 725; TOTAL 669,930 Museum: Sales 15,234; Other 161; TOTAL 15,395 Risk Management: Property Taxes 133,823; Other 7,148; TOTAL 140,971 IMRF: Property Taxes 220,447; Personal Prop Replacement Tax 11,413; Other 276; TOTAL 232,136 Audit: Property Taxes 18,141; Other 105; TOTAL 18,246 Social Security: Property Taxes 159,178; Other 361; TOTAL 159,538 General Obligation Bond: Property Taxes 224,215; Other 400; TOTAL 224,615 Capital Projects: Bonding 283,566; Capital Grants 78,245; Other 7562; Donations 3,070; TOTAL 372,443 Land Acquisition: Other 827; TOTAL 827

Expenditure Summary Salaries

Under 25,000 Abdel-Haq, Ethan; Abramson, Tammy; Allen, Kristen; Allison, Cale; Alsberg, Nicole; Atwood, Richard; Bajer, Brian; Baker, Ron; Beard, Lucas; Bell, Francesca; Berger, Nicholas; Blair, Arnold; Blythe, James; Bohmbach, Rachel; Buchanan, Robert; Bucher, Allen; Canner, Laraann; Cargo, Charles; Cawley, Emma; Clark, Kristopher; Coffin, Jacob; Courson, Tyler; Cullotta, Monique; David, Monica; Delong, Kim; Devore, Larry; Drinkwalter, Mackynzie; Evans, David; Ferguson, Trisha; Fitzsimmons, Elizabeth; Gilligan, Paul; Green, Shelly; Groschen, George; Grove, Jennifer; Hammond, Chace; Harris, Pamela; Helbling, James; Henson, Emily; Hockman, Mitchell; Hopper, Joseph; Hutchinson, Edward; Jones, Anthony; Jones, Bobby; Justice, Jerry; LaLone, Skyler; Lawson, Andrew; Liestman, Tanner; Livingston, Andrew; McClure, Travis; McCoy, Megan; McDermith, Will; McDonnell, Colleen; Mcintosh, Paul; Moore, Clifford; Moore, Michael; Morgan, Kyle; Osborne, Sandy; Paragi, Zachary; Parker, Logan; Patton, Jacob; Peyton, Jeffrey; Pope, John; Powers, Sarah; Price, Tyler; Raymond, Josh; Reder, Davion; Rife, Harold; Roy, Devyn; Schaffer, Clinton; Smith, Justin; Smith, Skylar; Snyder, Katherine; Sorensen, Loren; Sparks, Tony; Sparrow, Rick; Speagle, Kristen; Staab, Riley; Stout, Sheila; Strom, Elizabeth; Tate, Mark; Taylor, Kolton; Tetzlaff, Kristin; Torlia, Emily; Trolia, Seth; Troyer, Jason; Vilven, Zachary; Voskuil, Susan; Walker-Jackson, Robert; Wallace, Anna; Walsh, Chelsey; Watkins, Christin; West-Douglas, Zach; Wick, Jennifer; Wiegel, Melinda; Williams, Gary; Winans, Gary; Winkler, Gretchen; From 25,000 to 50,000 Beck, Mary; Bruehl, Tammy; Clayton, Angie; Clementz, Stacey; Dale, Michael; Decker, Brian; Edmondson, Christopher; Fullenkamp, Justin; Hanson, Mark; Haskett, Austin; Leiter, Pam; Little, Andy; Nelson, Bradley; Pruiett, Jacob; Riopelle, Kaitlyn; Runion, Jan; Stigall, Clint; Weasel, Darin; Woodmansee, Roy; From 50,000.01 to 75,000 Daab, Michael; Fry, Michael; Hasselbring, Jonathan; Huber, Dave; Kuntz, Matt; Oehlschlaeger-Garvey, Barbara; Pike, Thomas; Sanders, Marvin; Sprinkle; Lisa; Taylor, Brian; From 75,000.01 to 100,000 Baker, John; Torrens, David; Wuellner, Mary Ellen; Over 100,000 Olson, Dan; Total Salaries 2,200,736

Payroll Liabilities: IMRF 94,686; Health Alliance 47,532; GIS 22,947; Benefit Planning Consultants 22,603; State Distributions Unit 5,824; United Way of Champaign County 2,084; LifeLock 1,829; AXA Equitable 1,560; NCPERS Group Life Insurance 1,488; PDRMA 9; TOTAL 200,562

Expenditure Summary Purchasing greater than 2,500

Accuraty Solutions Llc 9,341; Active Network Llc 15,852; Adams Outdoor Advertising 3,155; Amazon Mktplace Pmts 7,583; Amerenip 37,285; The Antigua Groups, Inc 9,931; Area Disposal Service, Inc 3,726; Benefit Planning Consultants 3,069; Big Big Project Media Llc 2,915; Bobcat Of Springfield 3,617; Gfi Digital 2,578; Burris Equipment Company 2,564; C D C Paper & Janitorial 2,914; Callaway Golf Co 2,946; Dr Robert Carter 4,725; Central States Fireworks Inc 8,000; Champion Energy Llc 2,677; Chapman And Cutler Llp 3,500; Chicago District Golf Assn 2,960; Cleveland Golf Co / Srixon 3,726; Cobra Puma Golf Inc 8,392; Conco Spray Solutions 26,600; Constellation New Energy 5,927; Constellation Energy Services 20,740; Country Arbors 3,039; Custom Manufacturing Inc 17,000; Deans Graphics 7,419; Desk's Inc 4,099; Dex One 3,671; Donor Path 2,786; Duden And Silver Inc 8,300; Eastern Illini Electric Co 31,253; Esri, Inc 2,700; F And M Firewood And Mulch 3,132; F E Moran, Inc 13,333; Farmers Ag Services, Inc 13,938; Farnsworth Group Inc 179,255; Fred's Plumbing, Heating, Air 9,053; Freedom Roofing & Construction 9,500; Frontier 12,109; Ariens Specialty Brands 2,548; George Ferber & Sons 11,381; Gis Benefits 42,160; Harrell's Llc 3,798; Harris Computer Systems 6,649; Health Alliance Medical Plans 317,120; Helen Chemical Co 14,118; Herriott's 3,904; Hey And Associates, Inc 11,500; David P Huber 9,447; Huddleston Mcbride 14,980; Illinois Brick Co 13,495; Ill Dept Of Transportation 9,647; Illiana Construction Co 33,275; Illini Fs Inc. 3,987; Illinois Assoc Of Park 3,964; Infinity 5,589; Jeffrey Saldutti 4,000; Karsten Manufacturing Corp 4,813; Lehigh Hanson 8,348; Lowe's 5,421; Mahomet Ace Hardware 4,470; Mahomet Landscapes 6,026; Mediacom 15,406; Menards 18,448; Meyer Capel 22,182; Michael Poor 15,900; Micro Systems Integration 23,069; Mizuno Usa, Inc 8,677; Morrow Brother Ford Inc 51,779; Mti Distributing, Inc 71,323; National Rec & Park Assn 2,530; Newman Signs Inc. 2,741; The News Gazette 12,382; Nexstar Icia 4,175; O'reilly Auto Parts 2,736; Orange & Blue Distributing Co 8,841; P & P Service Center 11,595; Park District Risk Mgmt Assn 107,729; Pepsi-Cola Cu Bottling 11,522; Perspectives Eap - Central Ill 2,950; Pioneer 6,589; The Pipco Companies, Ltd 3,386; Prairie Material 3,826; Presto X Co 3,482; Productivity Plus Account 30,447; Progressive Propane, Inc 8,447; Quality Truck And Equipment Co 7,355; Republic Services #729 6,659; Rogards Office Plus 5,117; Rural King Distributing 6,629; Sam's Club 15,468; Sangamon Valley Public Water 4,706; Serv-U Restaurant Equipment 4,671; Sikich Llp 22,200; Siteone Landscape Supply 17,400; Skeff Distributing Co 11,054; Spence Restoration Nursery 18,985; Staples Credit Plan 14,602; Stark Materials, Inc. 5,286; Stevie Jay Broadcasting 2,600; Stillwater Enterprises Ltd 9,582; Stocks Office Furniture 3,033; Supplywork 2,512; Acushnet Company 41,156; Tour Edge Golf Mfg, Inc 2,530; Tyler Ingram Excavating 2,595; United Fuel Co 40,757; United Prairie 3,469; Upclose Marketing & Printing 15,278; Visa Cardmember Services 11,170; Walker Tire 5,847; Wright Automotive Inc 20,921; Expense Disbursements Under 2,500.00 301,640; Total 1,807,696

I, Philip Hult, Treasurer of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District in Champaign County Illinois from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct statement of all monies received and from what sources received giving items particulars and details of all monies paid out where the total amount paid during the fiscal year exceeds 2500 giving the name of each individual to whom paid and the amount paid to each person and of all monies paid out as compensation for personal services giving the name of each individual to whom paid and the total amount paid to each person for said Champaign County Forest Preserve District in Champaign County Illinois for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2016 as required by 30 ILCS 15/1.

Witnesseth my hand and seal this 23rd day of June 2017.

Philip Hult

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 23rd day of June 2017.

Elizabeth Strom

Notary Public

My commission expires June 10, 2018.

1355522 6/28




Sealed bids for the provision of Henry Michael Park Grading as described in available specifications will be received at the office of said District, 706 Kenwood Road, Champaign, Illinois, 61821 until 10:00 AM prevailing time Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at which time said bids will be opened and publicly read aloud. Specifications and other information may be obtained at the office of said Park District. The District reserves the right to waive informalities in bidding, to reject any or all bids, and to accept that bid which in its judgment will be in the best interests of the Park District.

Champaign Park District encourages minority business firms to submit bids on the approved project. However, every bidder shall comply with the provisions of the Affirmative Action Ordinance of the Champaign Park District and must insure that any subcontractor used shall also comply therewith. Furthermore, all bidders shall comply with all Federal, State, and local statutory requirements pertaining to prevailing wages, Illinois Fair Employment Act, equal opportunity regulations, and any other State or Federal aid regulations applicable to the contract. All bidders are notified that the Park District will affirmatively assure that the contract will be awarded without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.

1355520 6/27

Champaign Schools Destroys

Champaign Schools Destroys

2011 Temporary Student Records

Champaign Unit #4 Schools will destroy the temporary records including Special Education records for all former students who either graduated or transferred out of the district on or before June 30, 2011. These records will be destroyed on or after July 1, 2017. Former students (guardian if under 18yrs) have the right to claim these records if they so choose.

If you (the former student 18yrs. or over ) are unable to claim your records in person, you may designate someone else to do so; however, your designee must bring a notarized letter from you containing his/her name along with providing written authorization for him/her to claim the records on your behalf. In addition, he/she must present photo identification at the time of pick-up.

Either you or your designee must pick up your records within 30 days before the scheduled Disposal date; otherwise, the records will be destroyed. There will be no exceptions. Records will be mailed out to those living outside the Champaign-Urbana area. To claim records, please contact the Records Department at 217-373-7351or studentrecords@u4sd.org to schedule a time to pick up your records.

1352577 5/28,31,4,7,11,28

Champion II Mobility scoo

Champion II Mobility scooter w/extras $1000, Harmar power swing-away lift $900 Call 443-2203