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3 AKC Black Lab Females,

3 AKC Black Lab Females, born 10/4/17 Wormed & Shots Leave message 217- 543-3004

3 Shih-Tzu, F, 9 weeks, $400 each. Cash.

3 Shih-Tzu, F, 9 weeks, $400 each. Cash.


30'' Craftsman snowblower

30'' Craftsman snowblower, elec start, self driving, headlights, hand warmers, excellent shape. 217-621-6811.

3br, 2ba, FP on Water $12

3br, 2ba, FP on Water $1200 Adults, No pets

202-4372 or 355-2810

3BRs: 1208 W Bradley, C $670; 4BR 1.5Ba 1608 Sheffield Rd, C. $875; Sec 8 OK, 217-239-5844

3BRs: 1208 W Bradley, C $670; 4BR 1.5Ba 1608 Sheffield Rd, C. $875; Sec 8 OK, 217-239-5844

7.5' prelit red tinsel tr

7.5' prelit red tinsel tree from Prairie Gardens, in box, unused, $50. 217-586-2696.

74 Opel GT. $5000 '84 GM

74 Opel GT. $5000 '84 GMC Conv Van $1000. 206 W. Market, Sadorus

AKC Miniature Schnauzer

AKC Miniature Schnauzer Female Puppies–will be very small, $800. Call or txt 217-497-6635

All American Hauling

All American Hauling

Will haul anything, appls, trash, clean bsmnts, gar., estates. Credit terms avail. 377-7945, 351-7816



Copies of the detailed Annual Statement of Affairs for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017 will be available for public inspection in the school district/joint agreement administrative office by December 1, annually. Individuals wanting to review this Annual Statement of Affairs should contact: St. Joseph Community Consolidated School District 169, 404 S. Fifth St., Box 409, St. Joseph, IL 61873. Phone: 217-469-2291 Office hours: 7:30 AM-4:00 PM. Also by January 15, annually the detailed Annual Statement of Affairs for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017, will be posted on the Illinois State Board of Education's website@ www.isbe.net.

SUMMARY: The following is the Annual Statement of Affairs Summary that is required to be published by the school district/joint agreement for the past fiscal year.

Statement of Operations as of June 30, 2017

Educational Operations & Debt Transportation Municipal Capital Working Tort Fire

Maintenance Services Retirement/ Projects Cash Prevention

Social & Safety


Local Sources 1000 2,677,042 487,611 988,042 227,235 196,811 192 0 60,871 1

Flow-Through Receipts/Revenues from One

District to Another District 2000 0 0 0 0

State Sources 3000 2,538,488 0 0 76,706 0 0 0 0 0

Federal Sources 4000 154,119 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Total Direct Receipts/Revenues 5,369,649 487,611 988,042 303,941 196,811 192 0 60,871 1

Total Direct Disbursements/Expenditures 5,435,392 505,034 1,083,358 806,142 186,729 82,133 54,958 778

Other Sources/Uses of Funds 8,067 0 156,513 521,733 0 0 0 0 0

Beginning Fund Balances - July 1, 2016 2,480,147 615,666 227,335 759,601 151,953 230,310 0 32,737 2,051

Other Changes in Fund Balances 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Ending Fund Balances June 30, 2017 2,422,471 598,243 288,532 779,133 162,035 148,369 0 38,650 1,274



Salary Range: $0 through $25000

James M Acklin; Austin Anderson; Kathy Anderson; Mrs Carol M. Baine; Mr Sherman J. Baine; Mrs Sandra K. Barcus; Mrs Sheryl S. Beesley; Mr Robert H. Bezjian; Mrs Tami S. Biehl; Mrs Kim E. Blair; Latosha L Bowlin; Mrs Sue E. Brazelton; Jamie M. Brooks; Jordan Brooks; Mrs Joyce A. Compton; Mrs Anna Conner; Ms Traci A. Coursey; Mrs Jennifer L. Dahman; Morgan N Downs; Rachael Dunkman; Diane Eiskamp; Ms Abby N. Fisher; Candy Fonner; Mrs Becky J. Ford; Ms Amanda J. Gaines; Mr Efrain F. Gaspar; Kathryn J Getty; Mr David W. Gillenwater; Mrs Shannon M. Grimsey; Ms Kristi S. Grimsley; Ms Michele L. Guido; Mr Kody Haas; Ms Laura L. Hamilton; Austin L Hedrick; Mrs Stephanie K Helfrich; Denise Hinrichs; Faith Houston; Kelsey Ikemire; Ms Tracy L. Ingram; Abigail Izard; Alexander T. Izard; Dakoda A Jones; Mr Kenneth D. Jones; Mrs Sheila A. Keith; Mrs Becky J. Kelley; Rhonda Kirkpatrick; Ms Kimberlee D. Knight; Kaitlyn M Landis; Mr Timothy D. Landis; Ms Ashley N. Langley; Amee Lemke; Nathan Logan; Ms Linda M Manwaring; Mr Brian K. Maroon; Ms Samantha R. Martin; Mrs Anita L. Mathine; Alton McCormick; Ms Emma C. Melchior; Alec J Menees; Haley A Miller; Mr Wesley J. Miller; Angela Mock; Ms Patricia J. Munds; Chad Myler; Mrs Enola A. Nussmeyer; Ms Stacy M. Orcutt; Ms Melissa J. Owens; Ms Karen A. Patterson; Makenzie E Pence; Mrs Gretchen M. Perry; Mrs Barbara J. Peters; Mr Corey L. Plotner; Mrs Kay M. Pritchard; Mrs Marcia C. Raab; Ms Becky L. Reitmeier; Matthew T Sandwick; Ms Emily A. Santanelli; Ms Melissa A. Schrock; Mrs Debra R. Schubert-Sandwick; Mrs Lauryl J. Silver; Ms Paula R. Sturdyvin; Mrs Rhonda K. Thomas; Nathan Walden; Blake Weaver; Mr Leonard R. Winchester; Amanda B Wiseman; Mrs Marilynn J. Woller

Salary Range: $25001 through $39999

Mrs Brenda S. Collenberger; Mr Joshua W. Eiskamp; James A. Griswell; Mr Arthur O Hawkins; Mrs Debra L. Helmick; Mrs Angi M. Landis; Kathryn M May; Mrs Huma Sadikoska; Ms Monica A. Walden

Salary Range: $40000 through $59999

Mr Jeff A. Dawkins; Mr Richard A. Helmick; Mrs Marcia L. Robbins



Salary Range: $0 through $25000

Ms Deborah E Black; Latosha L Bowlin; Justin Brauer; Ms Sara A Buttjer; Rachael Dunkman; Mr Toby L. Ellis; Teresa J Finis; Mrs Becky J. Ford; Mrs Dawn S. Fuelle; Emily Griswell; Chris Hodge; Joyce A Johnson; Ms Becky A. Krall; Ms Kari L. Marino; Angela Mock; Ms Melissa J. Owens; Mr Michael A. Pfundstein; Mrs Marcia C. Raab; Ms Ashley A. Rabe; Ms Emily A. Santanelli; Mrs Gina L. Stone; Ms Paula R. Sturdyvin

Salary Range: $25001 through $39999

Mrs Heather M Hill; Mr Thomas J Hlinka; Ms Megan R. Siuts; Jacquelyn M Thate; Mrs Angela D. Weaver

Salary Range: $40000 through $59999

Ms Nicolette S. Baccadutre; Mrs Elizabeth A. Baker; Ms Amber A. Camp; Mrs Jeanie Cannon; Mrs Bria Cessna; Mr Jeremy P. Dassow; Mrs Tonya S. Dunn; Mrs Christina L. Gherna; Mrs Sandra K. Green; Mrs Diane K. Griswell; Mrs Timbra G. Hilton; Ms Dawn S. Huls; Ms Stephanie L. Kinney; Ms Kristen R. Kirk; Ms Heather N. Lenhart; Mrs Jill M. Lubinski; Mrs Tamara D. Mabry; Ms Abby L. McDonald; Ms Lisa M. Menees; Mr Wesley J. Miller; Mrs Julie A. Mumm; Ms Lindsey N Parrish; Mrs Beverly J. Pridemore; Mr Grant W. Risley; Ms Emily J. Roberts; Mrs Shannon N. Singleton; Ms Andrea M. Steele; Mr Zachary R. Steele; Ms Patricia D. Stevens; Ms Lindsey A. Stierwalt; Mr Steven E. Svendsen; Mrs Susan E. Thompsen; Ms Erin M. Ward

Salary Range: $60000 through $89999

Mrs Candace M. Appl; Ms Sandra K. Bayles; Ms Brenda S. Beals; Mrs Melissa A. Bigger; Mrs Kimberly A Collins-Nigg; Ms Amber D. Garrison; Mrs Joan E. Gorsuch; Mrs Melinda R. James; Ms Julie L. Jeffers; Mrs Jennifer E. Lewis; Mr Brian K. Maroon; Ms Julie S. Mulvaney; Mrs Marylyn S. Pirtle; Mrs Debra R. Schubert-Sandwick; Mrs Janet L. White

Salary Range: $90000 through $150000

Mr Chris J. Graham; Mr Michael F. Sennert

Salary Range: $150001 And Above

Mr Todd E. Pence

Payments over $2,500,

excluding wages and salaries

Person, Firm, Aggregate

or Corporation Amount

Advanced Commercial Roofing 4,980.00

Agera Energy 80,593.32

All About Sports Inc. 4,450.00

Alpha Baking Co 4,023.63

Amazon.Com Credit 12,528.18

Ameren Illinois 72,534.43

American Fam. Life Assurance 7,059.39

Supplyworks 28,944.00

Andersons Outdoor Sports 4,000.00

Appl Sanitary Service 4,620.00

A & R Mechanical Contractors 49,104.33

AT & T Mobility 4,945.73

Bay Bridge Admin LLC 23,364.00

BLDD Architects 14,110.49

BPC, Inc. 8,056.64

BSN Sports 7,074.23

Carpet Advantage 2,652.80

CC Services 4,802.00

Champaign Chrysler 25,448.27

Chambana Sales 6,550.37

Coastal Enterprises 3,542.70

College Preparatory Math 26,196.89

Comcast 10,656.85

Commercial Collision 2,697.35

Constellation 18,374.08

Contract Paper Group 10560.00

Country Mutual Companies 90986.75

Davis Electric 13985.00

Duce Construction Co 8530.00

Follett School Solutions 11271.91

Fox River Foods 93379.99

Health Alliance 691033.60

Hunzeker Service Agency 5070.81

IL Heartland Lib System 3010.00

Illinois American Water 10766.30

IL Elementary School Assoc 4207.90

Illini Institutional Foods 33778.50

Illinois Department of Revenue 142391.46

Illini FS 21545.33

IL Assn of School Boards 7323.40

ILL Municipal Retire FD 106847.57

Interstate Billing Service 8989.21

ISBE Sch Tech Rev Loan 33395.38

Lincoln National Life 57707.76

Russell Leigh & Assoc 4400.00

Corporate Mastercard 460621.27

Menards 11347.15

Midwest Transit Equipment 72723.20

Miller, Tracy Braun 4620.85

The Music Schoppe 4350.13

NCS Pearson Inc 2665.00

NWEA 10375.00

Renaissance Learning Inc 5972.00

Rogards Office Products 18277.09

Rural Cham Co SP Ed Coop 57960.00

Sams Club 6571.75

Scholastic 4074.42

Skatetime School Programs 5754.00

Spectrum Janitorial Sup 4740.99

Chalkable 6645.80

St Joseph Education Assoc 34696.90

St Joseph Ogden High Sch 11155.25

Teachers Health Ins Sec 70199.36

Teachers Retirement Sys 365172.05

Village of St. Joseph 4245.00

VSP of Illinois 13064.78

Walmart 5487.27

Watts Copy Systems 25105.99

Wonder Workshop 2620.00

Xtreme Mechanical 12898.71

1368686 11/21