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Petitioner, vs. Dustin White, Respondent,

Case #15D277



The requisite Affidavit for Publication having been filed, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO YOU, Dustin White, Respondent, that Danielle Ragle, Petitioner has filed in the Circuit Court of Champaign County, Illinois, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and for other relief, and this suit is pending.

NOW THEREFORE, unless you file your response to the Petition or otherwise file your appearance in this proceeding in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Champaign County Courthouse, 101 E. Main St., Urbana, Illinois on or before August 12, 2016 a judgment or decree by default may be entered against you and a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage entered in accordance with the request of the Petition.

Witness, 6/27/15

/s/Clerk of the Circuit Court

1320496 6/29,6,13

State of Illinois

State of Illinois

County of Vermilion Notice

The VERMILION COUNTY BOARD has passed a Resolution establishing prevailing wage rates for construction to be the same as those for Vermilion County as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor. Anyone wishing to inspect the Resolution and rates may do so at the Vermilion County Clerk’s Office, 6 North Vermilion Danville, Illinois between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Cathy Jenkins,

County Clerk

The TOWNSHIPS AND ROAD DISTRICTS OF VERMILION COUNTY have also posted Resolutions establishing the same. Anyone wishing to inspect the Township Resolutions may do so with the Township and Road District Clerks.

Doug Staske,

County Engineer

Blount Twp & Road Dist Elwood Twp & Road Dist McKendree Twp & RoadDist Linda Gardner JoAnn Adams

Sheila Lane PO Box 436 20643 E 1200 N Rd

26859 N 1100 East Rd. Ridge Farm IL 61870 Danville Il 61834

Potomac IL 61865

Butler Twp & Road Dist Georgetown Twp & Road Dist Newell Twp & Road Dist

Dave Anderson Penny Holycross Jim Wilson

2815 State Route 9 1805 N Main St 19 East Liberty

Rankin IL 60960 Georgetown IL 61846 Danville IL 61832

Carroll Twp & Road Dist Grant Twp & Road Dist Oakwood Twp & Road Dist

Jacqueline Baird Megan Deck Lorena Barnes

113 East North St PO Box 28 525 S Market St P.O. Box 553

Indianola IL 61850 Hoopeston IL 60942 Oakwood IL 61858

Catlin Twp. & Road Dist Jamaica Twp & Road Dist Sidell Twp & Road District

Ron Smoot Joann Williams Holly Varner

109 S Sandusky 6939 Jamaica Rd 304 N Grey Po Box 381

Catlin IL 61817 Fairmount IL 61841 Allerton IL 60963

Danville Twp & Road Dist Love Twp & Road Dist Vance Township & Road Dist

Larry Weatherford Marilyn Furnish Nola Jenkins

101 W North St 2488 N 2000 east Rd 108 W. Clyde St.

Danville IL 61832 Ridge Farm IL 61870 Fairmount, IL 61841

1320058 6/29

Thanks to everyone who ca

Thanks to everyone who called, visited, sent a card or gave a hug. Those who sent food, flowers and expressions of sympathy after the passing of Robert Ash. The reminiscing and expressions of sympathy are greatly appreciated. Thanks again, the Robert Ash family.