Reprints & Republishing Requests

Reprints & Republishing Requests

For information or assistance filling out this form, please call 217-373-7405. To purchase a photo reprint for personal use only, visit

For information or assistance filling out this form, please call 217-373-7405.

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Include our content in your e-newsletter, newsletter, web site, trade show material and other communication materials. Price is based on intended use: personal or non-profit website $25 minimum; commercial website $45 minimum; personal, charitable publication $30 minimum; commercial publication based on circulation, $65 minimum

Please read the policies regarding Permission to Reprint or Republish

Items appearing in any publication produced by the News- Gazette, Inc. are protected by federal copyright laws and may not be copied or reprinted without prior written consent of the Publisher. The following are general policies and are not iintended to diminish the right of the newspaper to refuse permission for any reproduction.

The News-Gazette, Inc. often grants permission to reproduce articles, photographs and other materials for personal, educational or business uses. However, permission may only be granted in the case of material belonging to a publication produced by The News-Gazette, Inc. and does not extend to material provided by wire services, syndicates or other services. Articles, photographs and other material where permission has been granted must be reproduced in their entirety. Such materials cannot be altered, enhanced or in any way presented to imply or indicate an endorsement by the newspaper of products or services.

The newspaper will not grant permission to reproduce materials for use by political candidates or in political campaigns or for advertising promotions.

All authorized reproductions must include a credit line: "Reproduced by permission of The News-Gazette, Inc. Permission does not imply endorsement." The date of publication must be included. When the reproduced material has been published or distributed by the requesting party, that party must provide a copy or link to the News-Gazette at the address below.

If the request is for publication on an Internet site, please note that your web page can only link to the material. All text and photos must remain on The News-Gazette, Inc. servers.

Submission of this request does not constitute permission. You will receive notification after we review your request.

Federal law provides for statutory damages as high as $50,000 for a willful copyright infringement, or for actual damages, as well as for awards of costs and attorney’s fees.

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