Religion calendar, July 31-Aug. 7, 2015

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Food distribution:

Rich Warren: Comcast pulling a fast one

Time is money. If you live by that aphorism, then you'll appreciate Comcast's new offer. Comcast, the company you hate to love, announced that it will increase the download speed of its Blast! high-speed Internet service in east-central Illinois by 50% — to 75 Mbps — for no additional charge.

Taking shore leave

Until the Boneyard beautifiers get around to dumping some sand and creating a beach there, the closest place to bask in the sun and water is Middle Fork River Forest Preserve near Penfield.

Amanda Propeck of Rantoul loves it, and so do her dogs.

Younger generation: Celebrating the achievements of young adults

Derby dandy

Joshua Ostrander, 12, of Rantoul, won the inaugural 2015 All-American Soap Box Derby Subway Challenge for the local masters division.

My Amish Home: Weather's great; mosquitoes aren't

"The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lovely than to divide the spoil with the proud." Proverbs 16:17-19

Neighbors: Recognizing accomplishments throughout our communities

Summer school

This summer, Nicole Chambers (St. Joseph-Ogden High School) was among a group of area teachers which took part in Eastern Illinois University's National Writing Project Site. Amber Laquet of East Prairie Middle School in Tuscola and Kristin Runyon of Charleston High School served as coaches and co-directors.

Newly commissioned

Joan Griffis: Best little 'one-steps' on the Internet

It began in 2001 when Steven P. Morse created a one-step form to search Ellis Island records because the Ellis Island people designed a website that was difficult to maneuver. Morse called it a "one-step" and since then he has developed other shortcuts — also calling them "one-step" — and thus his one-step website was born.

Meg Makes: 2 flavorful desserts featuring 2 fruits of summer

Summer eating season is well underway. My family members' trees are bearing both peaches and apples, which provide two excellent reasons to spend an afternoon baking with friends.

We made a delicious, light shortbread cake with a peach-basil compote. It's based on a recipe from Cooking Light, with a few changes.

Putting treatment on ice

Say you rolled your ankle playing basketball, or you have a chronically sore shoulder after a tennis match or softball game. Or maybe you strained a muscle during a run.

You know the prescribed treatment for minor aches and pains and injuries: RICE, or rest, ice, compression, elevation.

Don't reach for that ice pack just yet.

Homer Opera House reborn

HOMER — A former performance space is getting a new lease on life, thanks to a local theater group that was looking for a new home.