Study: Social media users shy away from opinions

ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press

To Your Health: Recipes to kick off a new school year

By Leia Kedem

Everyone back on a normal sleep schedule? Check. New shoes broken in? Check. Backpacks fully loaded? Check. Frozen pizza for dinner? Wait a minute.

Positive results

When Paula Tatman enrolled in an exercise research program in June 2012, her greatest hope was that she would be able to walk down the aisle at her son’s wedding a year later. The Urbana woman had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004, and at the time she started the research study, she had great difficulty walking.

On the same sheet of music

CHAMPAIGN — At home and at school, John and Jennifer Currey take a divide and conquer approach.

Married for 18 years with 11-year-old twins, they live in Savoy and work together at Central High — he as director of bands and she as his assistant.

"Pretty much everything we do we know that's a Jen job or a John job," she said Tuesday, two days before school would begin.

Environmental Almanac: Take a walk on the wild side (of campus)

I take great pleasure in the activities and energy that mark the beginning of a new academic year at the University of Illinois in August. But I also make time to recharge by connecting with the natural world every day, whether by taking the long way as I cross campus for a meeting or a class or a dedicated walk at lunchtime.

For the retirees, Aug. 24-31, 2014

For information about services available to older adults, contact Karen Bodnar, director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Helen Mary Stevick Senior Citizens Center, 48 E. Main St., Champaign, IL 61820, phone 359-6500.

RSVP and the Stevick Senior Center are administered by Family Services of Champaign County.

It's becoming cool for Illini grads to get hitched at ... Wedding U

The groom arrived on horseback, carrying a sword.

In the Punjab/Sikh tradition, the groom, Amandeep Gargi, was a prince. His wife, Supreet Kahlon, was every bit the princess.

With 200 dancers, almost 400 guests and a flock of musicians, Gargi says the wedding seemed, to many of his University of Illinois friends, something out of Bollywood.

Letter from Birdland: The ghost lily: A talisman of hope

In Birdland, we continue with bright, mild days interspersed with mild drizzle. A highly unusual summer. I made a joke and Ellis rewarded me with a half grin: "Seattle called.

Reluctant Townie: It's time for listening, not prejudging

A lot of people have asked for my take on what's been happening in Ferguson, Mo.

Actually, that's not true — nobody has asked for my take on what's happening in Ferguson, Mo., and for good reason: I don't live there, I've never been there and all of my information on the subject comes from the same sources as everybody else.

Street Art in San Francisco's Mission District.

By Vivienne Mackie

The Mission District, an eclectic neighborhood in San Francisco, is one of our favorite areas for street murals anywhere we've been so far.

To get here, catch a bus No. 49 from the city, which conveniently goes along Mission Street.