To Your Health: Easy breakfast meals to start day off right


"Mom, why are you eating in the car?" the question came from my preschooler a few weeks ago.

Pet Talk: Quality of life comes first with chemo treatments

UI College of Veterinary Medicine

The word "chemotherapy" conjures up images of nauseous, balding and debilitated patients. While supportive therapies are available to soften these side effects in human cancer patients, it's true that medical doctors often treat cancer very aggressively, hoping to achieve complete remission of the disease.

Kelly Strom: Perilous searches for the truth

The holidays are over and it's back to some semblance of normalcy. Fall brought an influx of new fiction, and a few thrillers are just waiting to be noticed. The cold weather brings with it the perfect opportunity to curl up in front of a fire and sort out the details of a good suspense novel.

C-U haiku, Jan. 21, 2018


Blizzard winds blow strong.

Ice endangers life and limb.

California dreams.

— Vern Fein, Urbana

Submissions may be made to with C-U haiku in the subject line. Include your name and city, along with your haiku. Submissions may be edited.

Ruth Siburt: Author blends humor with pathos

British children's author David Almond has a collection of awards any writer would be proud of. Almond's first book, "Skellig," won both the 1998 Carnegie and Whitbread prizes. His 2015 release from Candlewick Press, "Harry Miller's Run," stays true to what seems to be Almond's overarching themes — acceptance and kindness.

The Reluctant Townie: Tips for surviving Stormy details

It is a testament to how low the bar has fallen that when the Wall Street Journal broke a story last week detailing President Donald Trump's past love affair with an adult-film star while married to the current first lady, it barely registered as a blip in the headlines.

Don Follis: Every human wants to be blessed, not cursed

Early this month, a pastor sought my counsel and asked me to have lunch with him in a Bloomington-Normal café. He had just launched into his concern when an elderly couple appeared at the table next to ours. A man tightly held a woman's arm as she shuffled, moving her feet 6 inches at a time. Removing her coat, the man helped her into a chair, pushing it up to the table.

Brett Kepley: Do dogs or cats rule? Usually, regulations do


As a follow-on to last week's discussion about local laws requiring you to shovel your sidewalk of snow so that your neighbors may walk their pet, let's talk pet walk.

Letter from Birdland: Big Apple quite an adventure

On the road again, the Bomb Cyclone blew us off course for a while.

Michael and I drove to Indy in the early morning frigidity and made our plane despite our confusion about travel time.

I always go to pieces with the time change, and when you’re trying to board a plane to get to Brooklyn, an hour mistake can make all the difference.

Travel/Croatia: Splendid Split


The palace city of Split in Croatia has a split personality — but in the best possible way.