Pink icing or blue?

Technology has taken a lot of the mystery out of life.

Storms arrive on schedule. Cars drive themselves. Our phones tell us who’s calling, when the Cardinals’ game starts and not to forget the milk.

Family Life: Simple things are often the most fun and relaxing

By Chelsey Byers/University of Illinois Extension

I am not sure about you, but my September has been crazy busy, and with school back in session, I am sure that many of you are busy as well. Hopefully, everyone is settling into their fall routines.

Letter from Birdland: Autumn provides golden moments

In Birdland, the horizon stays the same, but the hues change day by day, even hour by hour. Wasn't the corn still mostly green yesterday? With this equinox, it is fully dry.

I walk out to the back of the yard and see many of the ears hanging upside-down. Golden kernels peep out of their package in some of them.

Don Follis: Fear of God surpasses all other fears

Fear seems to come in relentless waves. When it comes, it is hard to manage. Watching the recent PBS Ken Burns seven-part documentary "The Roosevelts — An Intimate History," I heard again the famous FDR line, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

If you build it ...

FISHER — "We are late for a very important date."

That line, decorated on the senior homecoming float, was a reference to "Alice In Wonderful," but here the White Rabbit had been replaced by an ominous orange killer Bunny.

The line also described the scene in the township garage, where Fisher Bunnies supporters made late-game changes.

John Roska: Resolution of contested divorce issues

Q: Please explain the whole divorce process. What papers get filed? What kinds of fees are there? How many court dates? How long does it take?

A: Last week's column explained the process when it's uncontested, and up to proving grounds in a contested case.

Getting Personal: Bill Gray

Getting Personal is a Q&A with a local personality. Here, Urbana's director of public works, 62-year-old Bill Gray, chats with The News-Gazette's Paul Wood.

UI law student tried for 'Perfect Match' on MTV show

URBANA — University of Illinois law student John Moustis isn't a big fan of reality TV.

But last year, he and his friends got hooked on MTV's dating reality series, "Are You the One?"

Environmental Almanac: Local action on global warming

Work on an addition to our chicken coop prevented me from attending the People's Climate March in New York last weekend, and my invitation to the U.N. Climate Summit that followed must have gotten hung up in the mail.

So this week's column provides a look at local action on global warming.

Reluctant Townie: Having daughter in pre-K is no party

My daughter started preschool this fall, which means that I have inherited 2-1/2 hours during the day to do with whatever I want.