Families will take time with antiques in estates

Families will take time with antiques in estates

In the past few weeks or maybe a month or so, I have been asked to view the antique assets of area people who have passed on.

In all three cases, what they have left behind are authentic, beautiful, mostly American antiques. Yes, the majority of which are well over 100 years old.

They all have one thing in common. Each estate has plenty of time to sell the items. There is no rush to empty the estate. All three have relatives who have the time to research the items and prepare for a sale, meaning sort, clean, arrange and do the things that are required to bring about a good and beneficial result.

The first estate belongs to a gentleman farmer who never married and acquired a lot of good American antique furniture, mostly oak and other small items. The homestead is a nice place in the country for a sale, and the relatives will put it on.

The second estate was someone who traveled a great deal and had wonderful taste for the finer things in life and collected most of their life. There are lots of original art works (some will go to an auction house in Chicago), unusual antiques from all over the world and assets stored in boxes that are marked in detail. There are also relatives who will take the time to do what is required to describe the items and come up with a fair price. There are things in this estate that are beyond belief.

This sale will probably be later this year.

The third estate contains American antiques and primitives that were gathered over numerous years by a couple who had unquestionable good taste and a range of objects that you would not believe.

Some examples — probably the oldest typewriters I have ever seen, two in wooden containers shaped to fit the machines and all in good working condition, and a few phonographs all in working order, one in a drawer unit, and half of these were new to me.

In times past, I would have recommended to these three different families that they hire someone to do an estate sale. Not now. Since none of these parties are in a hurry and all have relatives to help, I suggested that they do their own sales, and we will help if they want us.

So, in the future, there will be three really good true antique sales coming up. All will advertise in The News-Gazette, and all will pass out handbills.

It is going to be a good year for good antiques.

Good antiquing!

Bob Swisher has been a collector since he was a child. Questions or comments can be mailed to 807 S. Cottage Grove Ave., Urbana, IL 61801, or emailed to aacanabs@gmail.com.

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