Susan McKinney: 'Killing Pace' is loaded with surprises

Susan McKinney: 'Killing Pace' is loaded with surprises

"Killing Pace" by Douglas Schofield is a psychological thriller, a mystery and a spy story all wrapped up in one book.

This is a new book, and as I was processing it to put it on the shelf, I flipped through it. I had never read Schofield before and was curious. I checked the book out and read it in a few hours. The book moves between the narratives of Lisa in 2015 and Sarah in 2014.

Lisa Green doesn't remember who she is. For the last two months, since waking up on a gravel road in a wrecked van that she barely escaped from, she has been "cared for" by her boyfriend, Roland.

Her instincts are telling her he's not really her boyfriend, but she can't remember anything. The fact that he keeps her locked up in a room when he leaves the rural cabin they are living in, lends credence to her theory.

Sarah Lockhart is an investigator for the Department of Homeland Security, specifically the Customs division. She is in Italy, stationed there to assist local authorities on breaking the transport of fake designer goods to the U.S.

She stumbles onto a smuggling ring of baby laundering. People kidnap or purchase babies from refugees flooding Europe and then smuggle them to the U.S., where they are sold to rich, powerful people, those who convince themselves that they are doing a "good" thing by giving the child a better life.

How are these two incidents a year apart connected? How far does the corruption in our government go? Why is Lisa being pursued by the Mafia and the FBI?

Schofield does an excellent job of keeping your interest piqued and throwing surprise curveballs into the story to keep you guessing until the very end.

I like the characters, and I like Schofield's style of writing. I think I'm going to have to read some of his older works.

Even though the book talks about a previous case that Sarah investigated, I cannot find evidence of this book being part of a series or another book about Sarah in the author's repertoire.

The web of mysteries within mysteries is well developed and an exciting read.

Susan McKinney is the librarian at the St. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library. She received her master's in Library Science from the University of Illinois. She came here from Indiana for graduate school and fell in love with the area. She has lived here ever since. She is an avid reader and enjoys mystery, suspense, fantasy and action novels.

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