Rachel Fuller | Explore the topic of slow living

Rachel Fuller | Explore the topic of slow living


With an increasing portion of modern life measured in brief moments (think: Instagram, instant pots, etc.), I have grown increasingly intrigued with the idea of "slow living." Slow living, hailed by some as a countercultural movement, encourages people to step away from the pace of modern life and live a more deliberate and simpler life.

As such, I began in fall 2017 to casually (and unhurriedly) explore the topic of slow living by paging through magazine articles, reading books and listening to selected podcast episodes.

Along the way, I discovered that — where minimalism tends to repel me with its austerity — slow living is more inviting and flexible. I found appealing the message conveyed by Brooke and Ben McAlary in "The Slow Home Podcast." After listening to half a dozen episodes or so, I decided to give Brooke McAlary's 2017 book a try.

"Destination Simple: Everyday Rituals for a Slower Life" reads differently than many books of similar focus. Rather than leave readers with a new set of "to-dos" to hurry and accomplish before they can begin living slowly (as is, I've found, far too often the case — oh, the irony!), McAlary's book meets readers where they are. Her book is uplifting, refreshing and supportive — a good read for those feeling overwhelmed by obligation, responsibility or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

McAlary's book invites readers to reflect on how they might remove or reduce stress and struggles by simplifying life in a way of their choosing — a way that works for them. And, with no specific system advocated for or list of tasks spelled out, McAlary's book remains short and sweet; a mere 128 pages, it can be enjoyed in a single afternoon.

A light read, "Destination Simple" gently nudges readers on toward a less-harried lifestyle, which is an idea I support. In fact, I enjoyed "Destination Simple" enough that when Brooke McAlary's newest book is released in the U.S. and Canada this July, I'll make time to read it.

I may not rush to the store or be first in line on the library's hold list to read "Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World," but I'll still be sure to get to it. And, when I do read it, I'll savor every word.

Rachel Fuller is the director of adult and youth services at the Urbana Free Library.

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