Rachel Fuller | Cookbook has recipe options worth savoring

Rachel Fuller | Cookbook has recipe options worth savoring


With the lengthening days of summer, I especially enjoy spending cool(ish) weekend mornings outside, sipping iced coffee and lazily flipping through cookbooks.

I look for recipes that nourish mind and body, will refresh on a hot summer's afternoon and those recipes that make use of the bountiful produce the season provides.

During a recent weekend morning of cookbook browsing, I found myself particularly enjoying Sam Murphy's "Beautifully Real Food: Guilt-free, Meat-free Recipes to Indulge In."

Murphy's cookbook features beautiful photographs that highlight the range of ingredients used in her dishes. And her recipes clearly show her culinary creativity; dishes range from "Raw Cookie Dough Cereal with Strawberries and Chocolate" to a "Cheesy Black Bean Nacho Burger with Sweet Chilli Sauce."

Murphy, an athlete who hails from New Zealand, believes "food should offer nothing but enjoyment on all levels," and her book demonstrates her commitment to this ideal.

In the book of more than 275 pages, all recipes (except one) can be made in 10 steps or less and all contain tasty ingredients; many dishes can be made quickly.

All recipes in her book are vegan-friendly as well, which supports readers interested in eating a more plant-based diet as well as those who are faithful vegans.

By the time I arrived at the last recipe, I had placed two dozen sticky notes in the pages, with each marking a recipe to try.

For some, I'm interested to see how well Murphy's options replace meat options with which I'm familiar. For others, I'm excited to try a new on-the-go breakfast option.

The first two recipes on my to-try list are the "Rustic Potato Salad with Coconut 'Bacon'" and the "Neapolitan Smoothie." Both seem perfect for summer.

Rachel Fuller is the director of adult and youth services at the Urbana Free Library. She enjoys traveling, knitting, running and sampling all manner of coffees and teas.

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