My Amish Home | Brightening our home and a day

My Amish Home | Brightening our home and a day

''Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." Hebrews 10:23-25

Wind, yes, wind — my brain is muddled, my nerves are frazzled; it makes me so tired when the wind blows so strongly. It is sunny and warm; aside from the wind, it is a beautiful day. But, according to the weather forecast in the paper, it is supposed to be rainy the rest of the week. And windy!

One good thing about the wind, though, is that the laundry sure dried fast. It really wasn't quite so windy while I was doing laundry.

I did daughter Rachel's laundry. Her washer is on the fritz, she has a broken wrist and everyone else was either at work or in school. So I told her I would do it. It sure is different washing clothes from six people as opposed to two. But I didn't mind. Other than writing this epistle, I didn't have anything that needed to be done in a hurry.

Now that church has moved on and the dust settled, I can move at a slower pace. I still have some deep cleaning I'd like to get done, but there is no rush.

This past Saturday, I had quite a few things left to do, dusting being one of them. I didn't get the stuff dusted in the living room. I figured I was protected on that as I have a sign that says: "Dust testing in progress. Please do not disturb the samples."

I don't believe anyone noticed, mainly because no one came over except children. They were only interested in books and candy. Our granddaughter Kaitlyn, 3, said they came over to munch candy.

You know we are now in the month of October; days are already so much shorter, or rather I should say daylight hours. I guess we still have 24 hours each day.

It is dark when we go to work. It is interesting to see the houses along the way with the lights on, most of them. Some people obviously don't get up as early as others. How nice! It's also interesting to see how many have LED lights.

This morning, seeing that, my mind went back to the days of gas lanterns. I don't really miss them, but there was a certain ambiance about them. There was something about waking up in the morning and hearing my dad pump air into the lantern, then the gentle hiss of the flame. It was both homey and cozy.

These LED lights are stark and cold. You can't warm your hands with them on a cold winter morning.

Now instead of carrying a lantern, you have both hands free because you are wearing a headlamp. And, yes, it is much handier and definitely safer in the barn.

I remember way back in grade school, I'd read books about miners going underground in the mines with lamps on their hats. I bet they weren't battery-operated. How were they, anyway? But I remember thinking that would be so neat!

Well, anyway, I might sort of miss the ambiance of a gas lantern, but I'd much rather charge a battery than fill a gas lantern.

This past Monday, we Otto women took the day off and went to visit some of the elderly widows. It was a day brightener for them and a stress reliever for us. Anyway it was for me. We ate lunch at Yoder's. It was a very leisurely lunch and I enjoyed that maybe even more than the visiting of the elderly.

It seems we don't get together very often. We are also old and some of us work outside the home. Well, not really outside the home.

Sarah Ann Helmuth is really inside. She does meals for tourists and whoever. It is no wonder she is so terribly busy, she is a terrific cook. Always has been and only gets better with age!

Right at first when it was planned for a Monday, I was, like, Monday?

Seriously? I have laundry to do and my community newsletter to write. But everything worked out fine.

We had enough clean clothes for Tuesday. We didn't even have to turn them inside out and use the back side of the towels!

Our granddaughter, Marilyn Yoder, brought us a breakfast pizza for last Sunday morning. It was the best! It's this week's recipe.


1-2 cups pancake batter, made according to package directions. Or recipe if making from scratch.

Put in 2 1/2-3-quart casserole dish. Bake at 350 degrees until batter is set but not completely done.


Put in order given on top of partially baked batter:

Velveeta cheese slices

Scrambled eggs

Fried sausage crumbles

Gravy — 1 to 2 cups — to your taste

Fried bacon crumbles

Return to oven and finish baking, when cheese is melty and batter is finished.

Serve with pancake syrup, if desired.

Amount of ingredients depends on how large your casserole dish is or personal preference.

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