On Wednesday, May 24, the Champaign Park
District hosted "Touch-A-Truck" day at Centennial Park in Champaign,. "Touch-A-Truck" day is an event
designed to give young children the opportunity to climb into different
vehicles and imagine what it would be like to drive them.

Children are able to turn on the lights in a police car, raise the lift in
wrecker and turn on the sirens in a fire truck. In addition to the fire
truck and police cars, "Touch-A-Truck" also featured a garbage truck, a
monster truck, the Bookmobile, two mail-delivery trucks, two Harley
Davidson motorcyles and several cars.

The event also included two air-filled trampolines and an ice cream and
soda stand.

Approximately 1,000 people attended the festivities — including several
day care centers that bused their children to the event.