Douglass Park Garden Beds

Children with Douglass Day Camp learn how to plant squash, tomatoes and peppers with help from Team Depot crew members, Champaign Park District, and Monica Church, a University of Illinois agricultural education major, who spearheaded the gardening project with Frederick Douglass Community Center. The Home Depot of Champaign donated all of the materials for the raised garden beds while the park district brought in the dirt. Children were planting outside Douglass Center in Champaign on Friday, July 5, 2013. Abby Crull, program coordinator at Douglass, said the center holds classes throughout the year to teach children how to cook. The goal, according to Charles Burton, Douglass Park supervisor, is for the children to learn conservation and learn a sense of ownership as they combine their knowledge of gardening and cooking through the park district's program.


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