Roundup of 2013 Ebertfest coverage


Roundup of 2013 Ebertfest coverage

Here is where we will post our stories about Roger Ebert and the 2013 edition of Roger Ebert's Film Festival. Stories are by Melissa Merli unless otherwise noted.

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April 22

Chaz Ebert said the film festival in Champaign provided some comfort after Roger Ebert's death earlier in the month.

April 21

A conga line? Yep. Tilda Swinton did that. But it wasn't the only way the Ebertfest audience was uplifted on the festival's fourth day

Randy Moore describes how 'Escape from Tomorrow' came to be

Here's a gallery of photos from Day 5 of the festival.

April 20 

'The Ballad of Narayama' struck an emotional chord at Ebertfest.

Patrick Wang's 'In the Family' is one of the best-received films of the festival so far.

University of Illinois graduate Stephen Feder comes back to his alma mater as executive producer of Kumare.

Here's a gallery of photos from Day 4 of the festival.

April 19

Jack Black couldn't be here in person, but his voice showed up.

Short film by Sophie Kohn and Fieke Santbergen sees music as a healing power.

Here's a gallery of photos from Day 3 of the festival.

April 18

Here is a gallery of photos from Day 2 of the festival.

Merli posts on her blog about the people waiting outside the Virginia Theatre for the first film of the day; an attendee who would love to see the Ebertfest app available for a platform other than the iPad; and "ticket wrangler" Don Wauthier's interplay with those waiting to get in.

April 17

Report from opening night of the 15th Ebertfest. And Merli's first "notebook" of miscellaneous observations for the festival.

Here is a gallery of photos from the festival's opening night.

Here is a video from the opening-day gala at the University of Illinois president's house.

Merli's coverage of Haskell Wexler's Q&A discussing "Days of Heaven" on opening night. Also, Merli's interview with Wexler, in advance of his appearance at the festival on Wednesday. And here is a video by University of Illinois students from the gala at the University of Illinois president's house on opening day.

Local app builders put Ebertfest app on sale during the festival.

Earlier in April

Ebert's Far Flung Correspondents say he had a huge impact on their lives.

Patrick Wade writes that the Virginia is ready for its close-up.

Here's AP coverage of the memorial service held for Ebert in Chicago.

An interview with Patrick Wang, whose directorial debut will be shown and who will attend the festival.

summary of Ebert's take on the films appearing at this year's festival.

Director Sabrina Ross Lee talks about her documentary about veterans and fly-fishing.

A list of the movies and panels planned for the fest.

Merli in her Art Beat column says there will never be anyone like Ebert.

An advance look at 'Not Yet Begun to Fight,' the documentary chronicling the use of the Warriors and Quiet Waters program for wounded veterans.

Following Ebert's death, the announcement that Chaz Ebert would return to emcee the event.

Friends remember Ebert.

Ebert's former colleague Bill Lyon wrote this remembrance of their days at The News-Gazette.

C-U folks marvel that Ebert never forgot his hometown.

Milestones in Ebert's life.

Merli's initial remembrance of Ebert's life.

Chaz Ebert's initial thanks for the outpouring of sorrow and love.

The AP's initial obituary.

A gallery of images of Ebert over the years.


Paul Wood covered the announcement of the films and the actors, directors and others who planned to attend the festival.

From Wood, the full schedule was released for this year's festival.


Merli wrote in her Art Beat column that she was excited for the festival.

Darrell Hoemann, News-Gazette photo editor, posted a gallery of photos from the ongoing renovation at the Virginia Theatre.