Just Askin' | Off-leash problems in Champaign

Just Askin' | Off-leash problems in Champaign

Q: Does anyone ever get a ticket for not walking their dog with a leash in Champaign?

A: Indeed they do.

Since 2014, 82 tickets have been issued for "dogs running at large," as the Champaign city ordinance refers to dogs without a leash.

Through July of this year, nine tickets have been handed out.

The ordinance prohibits any dogs without a leash except on the owner's property, and "any dog running at large is hereby declared a nuisance and may be impounded."

At the Champaign Park District, dogs must be on leashes no longer than six feet long and can't be within 25 feet of a "playground, picnic shelter, swimming pool, fountain, athletic field or any sites of recreation activity."

Of the 73 tickets Champaign has issued 2014-17, almost half of them have been issued through the warmer months of May through August.

The most common day of the week for a violation is Tuesday, with 15 tickets issued since 2014, and Friday the least common, with five violations.

Citations for dogs running at large in Champaign

Year Tickets
2014 20
2015 16
2016 12
2017 25
2018 (through July) 9

Source: Champaign Police Department