Business listings, Sept. 2, 2018

Business listings, Sept. 2, 2018

These applications for assumed business names were filed with the Champaign County clerk's office:

Angel Nails, 2500 S. Philo Road, U, Hoang Phan, 3302 Katie Lynn Drive, C.

Djulup Images, 1202 Myrtle Beach Ave., #203, C, Paul Djunga, same address.

RSR Designs, 408 Fairview Drive, C, David Wegeng, same address.

The Clean Car Connection, P.O. Box 55, C, M.V. Thompson, 406 W. Clark St., Apt. 103, C.

Willie's Landscaping, 1807 Melinda Ave., C, Wilfredo Trujillo, same address.

Wynter's Moving, 306 S. Lincoln St., Broadlands, Charles LaRoe, same address.

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