Just Askin' | UI parking costs

Just Askin' | UI parking costs

Q: How much does a parking space on campus cost?

A: About $28,200, according to the 2018 Parking Master Plan, which recommended charging this fee for new buildings that would eliminate parking spaces.

"This protects against the incremental (and sometimes nearly hidden) loss of parking spaces over time," the report said. "It is rare that a single project wipes out hundreds of spaces all at once, though of course this does happen. The more insidious changes are the loss of two spaces here, ten spaces, there, and five elsewhere, that can add up to substantial losses in the long term."

The price reflects that for parking spots in a garage, which the master plan recommends, and includes the cost of steel, concrete, electric, months of labor costs and various other costs, parking director Marty Paulins said.

Surface lots are cheaper (around $4,000 to $6,000 per space), but Paulins said garages are still preferred.

"It may be more expensive, but given the ever shrinking availability of land, building up is the best available option," Paulins said.

Asked whether campus will need as many parking spots in the future with the increase of bike-sharing services and ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft, Paulins said, "We really don't have any data to support an opinion."

The price per spot came up at last week's Research Park board meeting, when the board discussed where to put the EnterpriseWorks 2.0 building.

In the proposal they heard, the new building would take up several spots in the lot east of the EnterpriseWorks 1.0 building, but could also add a few for visitors.

If a new building were to remove spaces, the department constructing the building would get billed by the parking department, Paulins said.

Though "each situation would be reviewed differently," he said. "For instance, a memorandum of understanding could be created to pay the replacement fee in stages over time. There is flexibility."