Just Askin' | Lake of the Woods golf course

Just Askin' | Lake of the Woods golf course

How'd the Lake of the Woods Golf Course anniversary promotion do?

It was a success, according to David Sebestik, the Mahomet course's head golf professional.

"Quite a bit," Sebestik said of the promotion's sales, though he declined to share numbers. "Way more than a full membership that we've ever done."

For its 70th anniversary, the golf course offered a two-year membership for about $100 a year. The only restriction was that these "anniversary members" tee off after 9 a.m. Season passes to Lake of the Woods typically cost $700 for adults and $600 for seniors. A regular 18-hole fee ranges from $16 to $24, depending on your age and tee time.

"It exceeded my low budget forecast from when I presented it to the board," Sebestik said. "It didn't reach the ultimate dream ... but we did make it go a week or two longer."

Announced in December, the promotion was initially scheduled to last for 60 days.

Sebestik hopes customers frustrated with course issues last year see the improvements that have been made.

The pump house, which draws water from Lake of the Woods to irrigate the golf course, was broken and should be repaired either later this month or in early April, Sebestik said.

"It broke and wasn't able to be repaired until late May of last year," he said.

Combined with a hot May, this led to dry areas on the course, and then when it rained heavily in June, algae grew on a few of the greens, Sebestik said.

"It's improved quite a bit. We wanted to put a plan in place to get people back who were thinking about leaving," he said.

With the new pump house, there will be bigger pumps and a new control panel, Sebestik said.

The course opened last week.

"We're looking forward to old and new faces," Sebestik said.

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