Building permits, April 21, 2019

Building permits, April 21, 2019

Listed are permits for all new single-family and multifamily residences as well as commercial and industrial work and residential remodeling costing over $25,000. Permits are listed by applicant, description, site and cost.


McGuire Custom Homes, new single-family residence at 53 Greencroft Drive, $725,000.

Premier Homes of Illinois Inc., new single-family residence at 4905 Sandcherry Drive, $445,000.

Dallas Construction Co., new single-family residence at 3805 Boulder Ridge Drive, $262,962.

Fix-T LLC, interior remodeling at 1020 W. Church St., $62,000.

Myefski Architects, alteration at HUB Leasing Office at 609 E. Green St., $150,000.

Wells & Wells Construction, new multifamily residence at 207 S. Wright St., $1,200,000.


Rob Frerichs, new single-family residence at 813 Cole Drive, $275,000.


No new permits.


No new permits.


Reimagined Renovations, additions to single-family residence at 506 W. Pennsylvania Ave., $115,000.

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