Just Askin' | Low lake levels at Heritage Park

Just Askin' | Low lake levels at Heritage Park

Q: Why is the Champaign Park District draining the lake at Heritage Park off of Bradley Avenue?

A: They're restoring the shoreline, planning director Andrew Weiss said.

"There's still some water in there. It's just at a lower level so we can restore the shoreline," he said.

The work should continue until the end of June or July.

The restoration is needed, he said, because there's been some erosion issues.

"The shoreline happens to be very close to the neighbors to the west," Weiss said, so they're restoring the shoreline before it "starts to become a problem for our neighbors."

The CPD is adding rock outcroppings and making some portions less steep.

"Then those areas will be planted with native shoreline vegetation that will fortify the banks," Weiss said.

A pathway will also be added around the lake at 2101 W. Bradley Ave., C.

"The pathway will be a nice amenity, and the vegetation is good for native birds and the wildlife population," Weiss said.

The capital project has a budget of $643,300 and has been in the works for around three years, Weiss said.