Big Colorado pot business bans drug use at work

DONNA BRYSON, Associated Press

Survey says: Local economy looking up

CHAMPAIGN — Folks attending Busey Bank's economic seminar Wednesday were more optimistic about the local economy than they were about the stock market, a survey shows.

The survey, distributed to the 600 or so in attendance, found they expect:

— Retail sales in Champaign County to total $2.8 billion this year, up 5.8 percent from 2013.

Scharlau: Champaign County 'growing forward'

CHAMPAIGN — Busey Bank Vice Chairman Ed Scharlau believes Champaign County has more construction going on than any other county in downstate Illinois.

Zebra to spend $3.45 billion on Motorola business

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. (AP) — Zebra Technologies will spend more than $3 billion to buy the enterprise business of Motorola Solutions in a considerable expansion that is both technological and geographical.

Minnesota joins states raising minimum wage

BRIAN BAKST, Associated Press

Answers to today's challenge: C-U pay

Here are the answers to the jobs question posted here. Salaries are in the Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area in 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

10: Bank teller, $23,120.

7: Elementary school teacher, $46,150.

Business calendar, April 13, 2014

Thursday, April 17

Today's challenge: Rank Champaign-Urbana jobs according to pay

Following are 10 occupations. Can you rank them from highest- to lowest-paid, based on average wages in the Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area in 2012?

Mark 1 for the highest-paid occupation; 10 for the lowest-paid.

___ Bank teller.

___ Elementary school teacher.

___ Farmer/rancher/ag manager.

___ Firefighter.

___ Heavy/tractor-trailer truck driver.

It's Your Business: Paxton firm starts delivery of pet supplies

A Paxton business has begun offering free delivery of pet food and other pet supplies to customers who live within 30 miles of the store.

Designer Dog Salon has been in Paxton for five years, and owners Justin and Courtney Bouse recently started Designer Dog Delivery to transport the products to customers' homes.

President to amplify focus on audio, video systems

CHAMPAIGN — Stephen Morris, the president of C.V. Lloyde, is taking the business into a new era and a new locale.

But his association with the business extends back more than 30 years.

This summer the company will move to the Lincoln Commerce Center at 702 Killarney St., U, to devote itself to the design and installation of audio and video systems.

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