Program to put 'Kids Eat Right' logo on Kraft Singles ending

CANDICE CHOI, AP Food Industry Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — A program to put a dietitian group's "Kids Eat Right" logo on Kraft Singles has reached an early expiration date.

Champaign's Custard Cup: The final scoop

Afternoon update

— Let the record show that Custard Cup ran out of ice cream at 3:44 p.m. today, capping a wild final day of business at the Champaign hot spot. Staff writer Tim Mitchell is at the scene.

Lincoln Continental, the car of presidents, is returning


DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — Elvis Presley had one; so did Clark Gable. It was even the sedan of presidents. Then the name vanished amid an invasion of newer luxury cars from Europe and Asia.

Now, the Lincoln Continental is back.

It's Your Business: Heel to Toe expanding

Heel to Toe is proceeding with its expansion in downtown Urbana, with plans for retooling one of its three stores there and adding a fourth.

The three stores already there include:

— Heel to Toe at 106 W. Main St.

— Birkenstock Concepts at 104 W. Main St.

— New Balance at 108 W. Main St.

Another new life

URBANA — The sanctuary of the former First Baptist Church of Urbana is very much unchanged from when the Baptist congregation worshipped here more than a decade ago.

Light still streams in from three directions through golden-tinged stained-glass windows, adding luster to the oak pews inside.

Business listings, March 29, 2015

These applications for assumed business names were filed recently at the Champaign County clerk's office:

CU Sound Studios, 111 S. Walnut St., C, by Will Newton and Bryan Bachman, both of 505 E. Green St., U.

Echolight Photography, 501 Turkey Farm Road, Mahomet, by Shari Wurthmann, same address.

Building permits, March 29, 2015

Listed are recent permits for all commercial and industrial work, all new single-family and multifamily residences and all residential remodeling over $50,000.

Permits are listed by applicant, description, site and cost.


Andrew Fell Architecture & Design, new multifamily residence at 314 E. White St., $1.7 million.

If they build it, field will succumb

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign school district will wait for the results of an April 7 referendum on a new high school before deciding whether to plant crops on that land, district spokeswoman Stephanie Stuart said.

Tom's Mailbag March 27, 2015

This week’s bag o’ mail comes with a (sorta) legal opinion about a Champaign park board member, a trip to the oldest continuously operating eatery in Champaign County, a batch of applications for a popular job, queries about a corner lot in downtown Urbana, a billboard in north Champaign, a restaurant in downtow

TM teaser: Maize to open 'after graduation'

Got a question for Tom? Ask it here

In today'smailbag (2 p.m. release), Tom Kacich answers this restaurant question: