Business listings 9302012

Business listings 9302012

These applications for assumed business names were recently filed at the Champaign County clerk's office:

2009 Fox Drive Land Trust, 116 S. Lombard St., Mahomet, by Richard Taylor, 1718 Tin Cup, Mahomet, and Russell Taylor, 1301 W. Hickory, Mahomet.

Equine Lead, 362 Highland Drive, Rantoul, by Anthony O'Brien and Deborah Allen, both of same address.

European Style Bakery, P.O. Box 17151, U, by Antonina Eliferenko, same address.

Premier Health and Wealth Solutions, 355 Paddock Drive West, Savoy, by Emmett Vaughn, same address.

Sunnycrest Press, 1608 Adams St., U, by Gerald E. Barrett, same address.