Biz Quiz 2012: A look back at the year in business

Biz Quiz 2012: A look back at the year in business

Test your memory of economic development news in 2012 by taking The News-Gazette's annual Biz Quiz.

Score five points for each correct answer to the first 15 questions. Score one point for each correct answer to the 25 "lightning round" questions. Top score for the entire quiz is 100 points.

Yes, this is a closed-book quiz ... no Google, no Wikipedia, no peeking at answers until you've finished your work!

Let us know how you've done. Email your scores — and comments — to

1. What Champaign-based video game company filed for reorganization in bankruptcy court after its parent company ran into financial problems?

2. Solo Cup, one of Urbana's major employers, was acquired by another company this year. What's the name of the Michigan-based company?

3. Worden Martin Inc. announced plans to move its Ford-Lincoln and Buick-GMC dealerships from Carriage Center on Champaign's South Neil Street. What supermarket announced plans to open there as an anchor tenant for the redevelopment of Carriage Center?

4. What prominent Champaign-Urbana businessman was the focus of a "60 Minutes" profile this year? (4 points) For an extra point, who was the "60 Minutes" contributor who interviewed him? (1 point)

5. What major retail chain announced it would close its store at Market Place Shopping Center as part of a 12-store transaction with the mall's owner, General Growth Properties?

6. Construction began on a nine-story hotel at Church and Neil streets in downtown Champaign — the site of the 2008 Metropolitan Building fire.

What's the name of the planned hotel?

7. Meanwhile, the hotel formerly known as the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel and Jumer's Castle Lodge opened under a new name at Lincoln Square.

What's it called?

8. Another major Urbana employer, Supervalu, considered strategic options this year, including putting itself up for sale. What were the results?

9. This year's drought took a toll on the corn crop. In 2011, the average corn yield in Champaign County was 164 bushels per acre. Official statistics for 2012 won't be released until February, but a Premier Cooperative survey of area fields last August suggested a big drop in yield. Within 10 bushels, what was the average corn yield projected by Premier?

10. What longtime Champaign County employer announced plans for an 800,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center on Rantoul's west side?

11. Champaign-based EP Technology appeared on Inc. magazine's list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United States. What kind of products does EP Technology sell?

12. Area Pamida stores were acquired by another chain and adopted new names in 2012. What are the stores now called?

13. What longtime Campustown fixture moved to a new location this year and began serving sausages as its new bread-and-butter?

14. What longtime pizza guy in Champaign County sold his Roma Ralph's restaurant in LeRoy and was in the process of selling his Zelma's restaurant in Champaign at year's end?

15. WILL-TV spent much of the first half of the year trying to solve an interference problem in Springfield that disrupted its signal to DirecTV subscribers. What ended up being the problem?

a) Static from the state Capitol.

b) Scrambling by the Department of Homeland Security.

c) Sabotage by opponents of public television.

d) The source of the problem was never determined.

The lightning round (1 point each)

16. Name the restaurant chain that returned to Champaign by moving into the old Damon's/Bennigan's/Crazy Buffet building on Town Center Boulevard.

17. Name the restaurant chain that returned to Champaign by moving into the former Chevy's Fresh-Mex building on Marketview Drive.

18. Name the burger place that moved into the former Blockbuster Video building on South Neil Street in Champaign.

19. Name the burger place that shares a new building with The Vitamin Shoppe along North Prospect Avenue in Champaign.

20. Name the burger place that announced plans to open in the former Den Liquors building on South Sixth Street in Campustown.

21. Name the Italian restaurant that moved into the former Pasta House space at Champaign's Market Place Shopping Center.

22. Name the eating place that succeeded Jim Gould as an anchor restaurant for One Main Plaza in downtown Champaign.

23. Name the drugstore/convenience store slated to open in January at Washington and Hickory streets on the north side of downtown Champaign.

24. Name the tequila bar that opened in the former Carmon's building on North Neil Street in Champaign.

25. Name the frozen-yogurt shop that opened at Champaign's Old Farm Shops.

26. Name the coffee shop that opened in The Pines shopping center in southeast Urbana.

27. Name the restaurant that opened on the first floor of the Trade Centre South (Wolfram Research) office building on South Neil Street in Champaign.

28. Name the restaurant that moved into the former Montana Mike's on Cunningham Avenue in Urbana.

29. Name the Indiana-based electronics retailer that opened in the Champaign Town Center shopping center.

30. Name the farm equipment retailer that announced plans for a new, larger store on High Cross Road in Urbana.

31. Name the fitness center that moved into the former Hobby Lobby space in west Champaign.

32. Name the fitness center that took over the former Gold's Gym in Champaign.

33. Name the fitness center that moved into the former Champaign County YMCA in downtown Champaign.

34. Name the Mexican restaurant that announced plans to move into the former Cocina Real in Urbana.

35. Name the New Orleans-style restaurant that moved into Gregory Place in Urbana this year.

36. Name the pizza place that moved into the former Hollywood Video building at Neil and Green streets in Champaign.

37. Name the women's wear shop that opened a new store in Market Place Plaza but kept open its old store on Town Center Boulevard until late in the year.

38. Name the hotel that announced plans to open a 112-room facility at Marketview Drive and Moreland Boulevard in Champaign.

39. Name the catering business that opened a banquet center in the former Kennedy's restaurant in Urbana's Stone Creek subdivision.

40. Name the Asian buffet that opened east of Schnucks supermarket in the Champaign Commons shopping plaza.


1. Volition

2. Dart Container Corp.

3. County Market

4. Shahid Khan; Byron Pitts

5. Sears

6. Hyatt Place

7. Urbana Landmark Hotel

8. As of last week, Supervalu had not been sold, but was considering selling some of its supermarket chains as a way to pay down debt.

9. 115.9 bushels per acre (105.9 to 125.9 bushels is acceptable)

10. Easton-Bell Sports

11. Video security equipment

12. Shopko Hometown stores

13. White Horse Inn

14. Ralph Monical

15. d) The source of the problem was never determined.

16. Denny's

17. TGI Friday's

18. Meatheads

19. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

20. Wendy's

21. Buca di Beppo

22. Big Grove Tavern

23. CompleteCare Pharmacy

24. The Wedge

25. TCBY

26. Cafe Zojo

27. Prairie Fire

28. Toro Loco

29. H.H. Gregg

30. Birkey's Farm Store

31. Planet Fitness

32. The Fitness Center

33. McKinley Fitness Center

34. Mas Amigos

35. J. Gumbo's

36. Jet's Pizza

37. Dressbarn

38. Residence Inn by Marriott

39. Classic Events Catering

40. Ichiban Buffet