Just Askin': Sales of Deluxe fish sandwiches

Just Askin': Sales of Deluxe fish sandwiches

Q: How many Deluxe fish sandwiches were sold on Ash Wednesday, the first day they made their comeback at Dublin's in downtown Champaign?

A: "An awful lot," said Scott McIntosh, Dublin's general manager. "We sold in the vicinity of 350 fish sandwiches."

Twenty-two years after the Deluxe closed in Campustown, owner Steve Flynn is preparing the batter, and Dublin's is serving them to nostalgic customers through Easter.

"It's primarily been folks that were familiar with it and remembered it fondly," McIntosh said. "There's been lots of smiles."

McIntosh said he was amazed by the response.

"People are enthusiastic to taste a part of local history," he said. "And we're thrilled to be part of keeping some of that local history alive."

The famous fish sandwich will be on sale through Easter and perhaps longer.

"We'll see where it goes from there," McIntosh said.

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