Syndicated-show lineups coming together for this fall

CHAMPAIGN – Area TV stations haven't solidified all their programming changes for fall, but several have committed to new shows.

In terms of syndicated shows, some of the biggest changes will be at WBUI, the CW affiliate in Decatur. It will pick up two comedies, "The Office" and "My Name Is Earl," to be shown weeknights, said Program Director Graham LaMontagne.

CIB Marine Bancshares sees $10 million quarterly loss

CHAMPAIGN – Central Illinois Bank's parent company, CIB Marine Bancshares, on Friday reported a net loss of $10.35 million for the quarter that ended June 30.

That compares with a net loss of $14.03 million for the same quarter in 2008.

Area TV stations not adding any more 'subchannels' yet

CHAMPAIGN – Area TV stations say they aren't planning to add more digital "subchannels" soon, even though they have the flexibility to do so.

When TV stations began broadcasting digitally, they gained the ability to divide their signal across several video subchannels or "feeds."

It's Your Business: BoBo's Barbecue open on South Neil

After running bars and restaurants in Champaign-Urbana for two decades, George Dries was ready for a change.

He still wanted to be in the food business, but he didn't want to manage a restaurant seven days a week anymore.

Unions mourn lack of construction aside from road work

URBANA – Road construction projects are numerous this summer, as any area motorist can tell you.

But those projects aren't providing nearly as many jobs for the construction trades as the skyscraper apartment projects completed in Champaign last year.

Restoration Urban Ministries closing in on goal for bills

CHAMPAIGN – Restoration Urban Ministries, the faith-based social services agency in Champaign that faced shutoff of utilities due to overdue bills, is close to its goal of raising enough money to pay the bills.

"We're not quite there, but we're getting close," said Judy Stoll, financial officer for the organization at 1213 Parkland Court.

Stagehands union protests work by out-of-state firm

CHAMPAIGN – A local union of stagehands and riggers has filed a grievance with the University of Illinois over renovation work being done in the Assembly Hall.

The university this spring awarded a nearly $1.2 million contract to Hoist Sales & Service of Florida to remove an old hoist system and install a new one in the Assembly Hall. The work began in July. Hoist systems hold stage equipment in the air, such as theater curtains and lights.

Champaign may relax business parking standard

CHAMPAIGN – Forcing developers to construct big parking lots no longer is viewed by city planning officials as a good idea.

Fiberteq adding new $8.5 million distribution site

DANVILLE – City and economic development officials hope that construction of a 297,000-square-foot distribution facility next to the Fiberteq manufacturing plant will be the first of three new projects in the Southgate Business Park, southeast of Danville.

C-U feels pinch from low sales tax receipts

CHAMPAIGN – City sales tax receipts in Champaign and Urbana continue to track lower than a year ago, worrying local officials.

Sales taxes figures released Thursday – for funds that will be distributed to cities this month – show Champaign had monthly receipts of $2.2 million, 5.6 percent below a year ago.