Tuscola honor sisters for restoring a town tradition

TUSCOLA – Flesor's Candy Kitchen has brought national recognition to Tuscola, and now the women behind it are being recognized, too.

Ann Flesor Beck and Devon Flesor Nau have been named this year's Tuscolians of the Year for restoring the historic business and attracting the national spotlight to their East Central Illinois town.

'Build Urbana' adds activities for children

URBANA – Looking at new homes and scouting out neighborhoods is usually something that appeals to adults, not kids.

But this year, the sponsors of "Build Urbana" have thrown in attractions that should appeal to the whole family.

Man faces charges in fatality of former PBL student

KENOSHA, Wis. – A Wisconsin man charged with homicide by negligent driving for the death of a 2006 Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School graduate waived a preliminary hearing in Kenosha County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

"It means my client made the decision not to require the state to put evidence on to prove probable cause," said Kenosha attorney Jason Rossell, who has been appointed by the court to defend Thomas J. Sillcocks, 37, of Kenosha. "Because of the waiver, the court found probable cause existed and said the state may go forward to trial if necessary."

University of Illinois study confirms chocolate's benefit

Sorry, you can't expect to sit on the couch in front of the tube every night or in an office chair in front of a computer screen all day and munch your way to health on CocoaVia bars.

But the dark chocolate and sterols, chemicals naturally occurring in plants, in the candy from Mars do appear to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, University of Illinois researchers say.

AT&T installing cabinets for video services

CHAMPAIGN – AT&T plans to install 100 utility cabinets throughout the city to bring video services to many residents.

The telephone giant has already obtained city permits to install 33 of the cabinets, which will link new fiber optic cable with traditional copper telephone wire to provide video services similar to those of cable television.

Wendy's back in business on N. Prospect

CHAMPAIGN – All those suffering from Wendy's withdrawal can once again get a Frosty fix on North Prospect.

The Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hamburgers store at 2033 N. Prospect Ave., C, reopened Tuesday after an 18-month absence.

New baker features Hispanic goods

CHAMPAIGN – A new international bakery lives up to its name with Chinese-American owners.

To add to the ethnic flavor, it specializes in Hispanic baked goods.

Company set to start construction on new water tank

DANVILLE – Aqua Illinois is ready to begin construction is on a new million-gallon water tank in the Denvale area soon.

Aqua Illinois officials said the new $1.5 million tank will improve water pressure in that area and provide additional storage for fire protection.

Jillian's on Champaign's South Neil Street closes

CHAMPAIGN – The Jillian's restaurant and entertainment center on South Neil Street has closed, with its Louisville, Ky.-based operator saying the Champaign facility had run its course.

"We had a fantastic 15 years in Champaign. We really liked the market quite a bit, but it just ran the cycle," said Tyler Warfield, president of JBC Entertainment. "The downtown has gone through such a resurgence, and we were just enough off the path that it became a tough pull for us."

Hamburg Distributing closing doors after 75 years

CHAMPAIGN – The Hamburg Distributing warehouse in Champaign will close this summer after 75 years in business.

The closing, which affects 89 employees, comes as the result of two big wine-and-spirits distributors forming a joint venture and consolidating facilities.