Rural Danville girl, 12, awaits a heart transplant

Twelve-year-old Kaitlyn Foster is a tiny girl with a big heart. She can't go to the mall without buying a pair of earrings for her sister, or a toy or candy for her little brother. She showers relatives and friends with homemade cards and culinary treats.

But Kaitlyn's heart is very sick. At only 7 days old, doctors said it looked like a heart of a 50-year-old man who had suffered a massive attack. Now they plan to give her a new one.

CIB Marine Bancshares seeks to amend restructuring plan

CHAMPAIGN – Central Illinois Bank's parent company says it failed to gain approval from securities holders for its debt-restructuring plan, so the company will try to amend it in an attempt to win their favor.

Panel gives Burnham 310's new plan a cautious OK

CHAMPAIGN – The city plan commission is reluctantly endorsing a proposal that would modify the four-year-old development plan for the Burnham 310 site.

Plan commission members voted 5-0 Wednesday in favor of amending the development plan for the Burnham project, but advised the city council to "take close consideration" of one portion of the plan calling for allowing 94 condominiums or town homes on a block immediately north of Stoughton Street and west of Third Street.

Freestar Bank building new branch on Philo Road

URBANA – Freestar Bank will build a new office on Philo Road in Urbana to replace its branch in the County Market store there.

The new office will be at the southeast corner of Scovill Street and Philo Road on one of the Meijer store outlots, said Linda Hamilton, Freestar's executive vice president and chief operating officer.

Danville Art League pursuing ex-Red Cross building

DANVILLE – Danville Art League members are forging ahead with efforts to raise about $60,000 to move the former Red Cross building to an empty lot on Oak Street and make that site its new downtown home.

Homer subdivision plan will be modified

HOMER – A more modest version of the Heritage Ranch subdivision may yet be developed by Gordon Highlander LLC, but the original 19-lot plan with new roads will be scrapped.

Developer Ann Musquez told board members on Monday that the weak market means the original plan is too high a financial risk for the group to take.

Alexander Lumber making move

CHAMPAIGN – Alexander Lumber plans to vacate its store at Prospect Avenue and Bloomington Road and build a new facility on Anthony Drive near Mattis Avenue, company President Walter Alexander said today.

The lumberyard's move will open up land for development at a high-traffic intersection near the Interstate 74-Prospect Avenue interchange.

Wind farm plan draws protest from Newcomb Township

MAHOMET – Newcomb Township commissioners voted Tuesday to protest a proposed ordinance that would bring wind farms to Champaign County.

In the 4-1 vote, commissioners noted concerns about wind turbines near the extensive Manlove Gas Storage Field in northern Champaign County.

Concoard Coalition panel seeks solutions to fiscal woes

CHAMPAIGN – We have problems.

That's one thing three Washington insiders agree on, even if they don't share common views on how federal budget deficits, a mounting national debt and escalating health care costs should be contained.

C-U sold on marathon

Champaign Mayor Jerry Schweighart said there's no reason the Illinois Marathon shouldn't be back in town next year. In fact, he already has plans to make it a bigger event.

"I think we should think about having a concert or streetfest with it Saturday night to keep people in town," he said. "That was the only problem this time. Because of the Easter holiday, a lot of people left right after the race Saturday. We need to keep them here for the whole weekend."