Developer Tatman, Texas firm interested in Burnham property

CHAMPAIGN – Local developer Paul Tatman has told the city of Champaign that he and a Dallas, Texas, company would be willing to buy the old Burnham City Hospital site at fair market value and construct a mixed-use development with no or little city assistance.

City officials say at this point they still have confidence in the city's designated developer, Pickus Companies of Highland Park. But Mayor Jerry Schweighart made a pointed mention of the Tatman offer at a recent city council meeting where Pickus officials successfully sought additional financial incentives to redevelop the site.

Carle will offer look at five new floors

URBANA – Dr. James Leonard remembers going to the Carle Foundation Hospital board a few years ago and talking about the need to add more space for sick kids and women having babies.

It didn't take long for the board to agree, he recalls.

Restaurant void filled in St. Joseph

ST. JOSEPH – The building that once housed St. Joseph's restaurant/coffee shop will soon see new life as a Mexican restaurant and will even be including margaritas, wine and beer on its menu in this formerly dry town.

The Golden Mine restaurant building at 221 E. Lincoln St. had been sitting vacant since July after owner Rich Imeri decided not to renew his lease on the building and instead opened Rich's Family Restaurant in Tilton.

Burnham site plans include County Market

CHAMPAIGN – If the Burnham redevelopment project comes to pass, Campustown might finally get a grocery store again.

And that would be just fine with a number of University of Illinois students, who say they'd be thrilled to have a grocery within walking distance.

Seismic activity played role in FutureGen picks

TUSCOLA – When members of the FutureGen Alliance chose Tuscola and Mattoon as finalists for its $1 billion clean coal plant over sites in southern Illinois earlier this summer, they cited central Illinois' relative lack of seismic activity.

Underground characteristics are important to FutureGen officials because they need a safe site for storing millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions for many years.

Traditional hardware stores in C-U expand

Traditional hardware stores in Champaign-Urbana are showing no fear when it comes to doing battle with Lowes and Home Depot.

While the titans of home improvement put the hammer to competitors nationwide, local stores are forging ahead with new projects.

It's your business: Fitness studio working to Evolve in Champaign

A new fitness studio has opened in downtown Champaign.

Called Evolve, it is located in the Illinois Traction building at 41-B E. University Ave.

Urbana residents experience phone problems

URBANA – With phone service out for more than two days, some south Urbana customers are complaining about a lack of communication in the communications industry.

Dr. Donald Greeley, who lives on Cureton Drive, said Wednesday he isn't sure how many medical calls he may have missed when his AT&T land line went out Monday afternoon.

Firm seeks more incentives to redevelop Burnham Hosiptal

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign City Council will consider Tuesday whether to provide approximately $2 million in additional incentives to a Highland Park firm to redevelop the old Burnham City Hospital site.

The council meets in study session at 7 p.m. at the Champaign City Building, 102 N. Neil St.

Dry cleaners feeling pressed as costs rise

CHAMPAIGN – Stephen Hamburg's family has been in the dry-cleaning business for 77 years, and he's seen a lot of competitors come and go.

Lately, it's been more go than come.

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