Majority of characters in the, well, majority

In video games, it's a man's world, a white world and a world without a lot of senior citizens.

Don't expect to see many American Indians, either, or Hispanics. You'll find a fair number of blacks.

New research farm trying out techniques

DOWNS – Before rains came last weekend, Jason Webster was depressed by the sight of the crops he tends for Beck's Hybrids, especially the parched, rolling corn.

Ag real estate firm cultivating opportunities

CHAMPAIGN – You'd hardly expect one of the largest growers of almonds to be located in the Midwest.

But the Westchester Group, a Champaign-based agricultural real estate management firm, is one of the biggest players in almond production.

Customers line up locally for Apple device

SAVOY – In the Champaign-Urbana area, you can mark Chris Schroeder and Jeff Roberts down as the leaders of the pack where iPhone mania is concerned.

Schroeder and Roberts, both from Monticello, got to the Savoy Plaza AT&T Cingular store at 1 a.m. Friday for a chance to buy Apple's new high-tech, touchscreen cell phone, iPod and wireless Internet device all in one.

Newspaper's new facility ready to assemble, bundle ad inserts

CHAMPAIGN – The News-Gazette's new packaging and distribution facility in north Champaign has become operational, and customers should see the initial results Sunday.

The new facility, at 3202 N. Apollo Drive in the Apollo Industrial Park, assembles and packages advertising inserts distributed with the Sunday News-Gazette.

Tuscola goes all out for FutureGen officials

TUSCOLA – FutureGen Alliance Chief Executive Officer Mike Mudd decided to get a bite to eat before Thursday's FutureGen public hearing, so he stepped into Flesor's Candy Kitchen.

Inside he saw staff members wearing FutureGen T-shirts, and waitresses told him how thrilled they would be to have the clean coal plant come to Douglas County.

Wiccans moving to Rossville

DANVILLE – After four years, a Wiccan school is leaving Hoopeston, but it's not going far.

This week, the new owners will be moving the school into its new location at 117 S. Chicago St. in downtown Rossville.

Yahoo, Archer Daniels Midland woo Motorola employees

CHAMPAIGN – Archer Daniels Midland and Yahoo! Inc. are making concerted pitches for Motorola employees in Champaign, with both companies hoping to capitalize on the closing of Motorola's software design center here.

And they're not the only ones.

Volition jobs may provide transition for Motorola employees

CHAMPAIGN – Paul Poulosky worked 13 years at Motorola's Urbana-Champaign Design Center before losing his job as a senior software engineer this spring.

Fortunately, he found a job almost immediately at Volition, the video-game developer in downtown Champaign.

Puppy sales draw objections

CHAMPAIGN – When Terry Benson of Champaign wandered into an upscale doggie boutique at Market Place Mall this week, she wasn't in the market for a new pet.

She just stopped in to look around, she said, and spotted a window full of puppies.