It's Your Business: Pages for All Ages offering used books

Pages for All Ages Bookstore in Savoy has started buying and selling used books along with the new ones.

The idea appealed to the store's employees, because they're all big readers who wind up with more books on their home shelves than they want to keep, said Robin Hayden, one of the managers.

2008 became a year to forget for some area companies

CHAMPAIGN – Awful is the word for a year in which the average stock price dropped 30 to 40 percent.

And if the average stock was down that much in 2008, just imagine the plight of companies whose stock price dropped by 80, 90, even 97 percent.

Champaign schools to focus on steps to save energy

CHAMPAIGN – A Champaign school board member wants to challenge each school building in the district to reduce its energy use intensity – how much energy is used based on its square footage – by 10 percent over the next year.

UI Law school hires new dean from within

Bruce Smith, currently an associate dean in academic affairs for the college, will be the new dean, pending approval next week by the university's board of trustees.

Current economic development leader's contract extended

CHAMPAIGN – John Dimit can expect to serve at least two and a half more years as president and chief executive officer of the Champaign County Economic Development Corp.

On Thursday, the group's board of directors authorized its executive committee to finalize a contract with Dimit extending his service through June 30, 2011. Some details remained to be worked out.

Lawmakers, energy nominee discuss FutureGen

WASHINGTON – Illinois lawmakers say they're feeling hopeful about the prospect of building FutureGen in Mattoon after a meeting Wednesday morning with President-elect Barack Obama's nominee for energy secretary.

News-Gazette uses Twitter to send alerts

CHAMPAIGN – Along with faithful publication of the daily newspaper, The News-Gazette is taking new approaches to how it publishes news.

Many of them involve the Internet. The paper can send news alerts to cell phones using Twitter, and it plans to improve interactivity with a Web site redesign coming later this year.

99-year-old Georgetown flower business prepares for end

DANVILLE – All it took was a handshake and Roy Lake Burgoyne had himself a flower shop.

No contract, no bill of sale, just a verbal agreement and a handshake.

That was Oct. 25, 1909.

Now, less than a year shy of its centennial birthday, the closure of Burgoyne's Floral and Greenhouses, located at 804 N. Main St., Georgetown, is imminent.

All it took was an economic downturn.

Metropolitan building's insurer delaying neighbor's demolition

CHAMPAIGN – Hopes that demolition could begin soon on a fire-damaged building downtown appear to have been dashed this week.

Sparse crowd shows up at meeting over proposed salvage yard

DANVILLE – Bryant Industries on Wednesday addressed the concerns of six local residents regarding the company's plans for a new auto-parts salvage area.

The salvage area would be on Bryant's property west of Danville.