Gun violence topic for Champaign council applicants

CHAMPAIGN — Gun violence in north Champaign highlighted the issues raised by the seven applicants for the open District 3 city council seat on Tuesday night.

UPDATED: Teachers picket at Unit 4

Updated 8:28 p.m. Tuesday:

CHAMPAIGN — Karen Klebbe, picketing alongside about 40 fellow Unit 4 teachers Tuesday afternoon, had a simple message for Champaign school district administrators.

"We aren't asking for the moon," she said.

Judge will recommend boot camp in drug case

URBANA — A Champaign man in whose home police say they found several different kinds of drugs last fall was sentenced Tuesday to eight years in prison.

Judge Hugh Finson, however, agreed to recommend that Micah Oyler, 22, participate in the Department of Corrections' boot camp program, an intensive para-military setting that lasts for 120 days.

Man arrested after burglary report faces variety of charges

URBANA — A Champaign man who allegedly fought with Champaign police trying to investigate a business burglary has been charged with a variety of charges, including armed violence.

Judge dismisses suit filed by Rush against Cobb, Avery

URBANA — A Champaign County Judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb and NAACP President Patricia Avery by former police officer Matt Rush on Tuesday, granting Avery attorney fees and setting a future hearing to determine whether Rush or his attorney, Michael Zopf, should face monetary sanctions.

Man wounded in Champaign shooting early Tuesday

CHAMPAIGN — Police are looking for the person who fired shots at a mini-van in north Champaign early Tuesday, wounding its driver.

Champaign police Lt. David Shaffer said about 1 a.m., the 26-year-old man was driving in the 400 block of East Bradley Avenue when his mini-van was struck by at least two rounds.

Woman can escape felony conviction for theft if she meets conditions

URBANA — An Urbana woman who admitted stealing money from her employer has been given a chance to escape a felony conviction.

06-28-16 Penny for Your Thoughts

06-28-16 Penny for Your Thoughts: Play now!

06-28-16 Penny for Your Thoughts.  Jim Turpin with a one hour Penny open line.


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Updated: Jury sent home in murder trial after witness shot in Urbana

Updated 11:21 a.m. Tuesday

URBANA — A Champaign County judge sent his jury in a murder case home until Wednesday morning, admonishing them not to read or listen to any news about it in the wake of a witness’ shooting Monday night.

06-28-16 On The Money

06-28-16 On The Money: Play now!

06-28-16 On The Money.  Paul Ruedi with David Ruedi and Dr. Fred Giertz with Paul Ruedi's On The Money.  Today is the first program since Brexit and what the markets will do now.


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