By the numbers with 'Unofficial'

By the numbers with 'Unofficial'

Like it or not, today is ‘Unofficial’ St. Patrick’s Day on the University of Illinois campus. The News-Gazette’s Patrick Wade offers several pertinent facts ...

0: The number of shots of undiluted liquor or pitchers of beer that may be served by campus bars today. Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Jerry Schweighart ordered this under his "emergency powers."

1: The number of Unofficial-related deaths. Caroline Yoon, 22, a UI graduate from Glenview, was killed in 2006 when she fell off the back of a motorcycle in the early-morning hours after Unofficial.

11: The a.m. hour when campus bars are allowed to open. Another one of Schweighart’s emergency orders.

15: The number of criminal charges against offenders last year.

21: The minimum age to enter a campus bar today. Another one of Schweighart’s special orders.

56: The number of colleges represented in last year’s arrest data, and the offenders’ homes were spread across 12 states. Most police citations were given to celebrants who did not attend the UI.

72: The high temperature on Unofficial in 2009. Police say the warm weather drove celebrants to their maximum. Friday’s temperatures are forecast to be in the mid-40s.

168: The maximum number of cans of beer someone can buy before signing an "adult responsibility form." Celebrants may also not have more than one keg at a residence at a single time.

435: How many were arrested, cited or ticketed by police last year. Of those, 351 were for alcohol-related offenses.

1996: The first Unofficial happened in this year as a way to draw students to campus bars. Students often are on spring break for the real St. Patrick’s Day.

10,624: The dollar amount for the overtime clocked by Champaign police last year.