ICC awards Ameren a fraction of rate hike request

ICC awards Ameren a fraction of rate hike request

SPRINGFIELD – In a stunning ruling, the Illinois Commerce Commission awarded the Ameren Illinois Utilities a tiny fraction of the $130 million rate increase the company requested.

The ICC voted 3-2 Thursday to give Ameren only $4.75 million in new revenue. Acting ICC Chairman Manny Flores, a recent appointee of Gov. Pat Quinn, said the order "is a product of a careful and thorough analysis of Ameren's rate request and evidence submitted by all parties in the case."

Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing, who pushed to have the city oppose the rate increase, was overjoyed. "We really saved the taxpayers a lot of money by doing this," she said Thursday afternoon. "That is very good news."

More in Friday's News-Gazette.

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Packerfn wrote on April 29, 2010 at 6:04 pm

So doubling rates a few years back wasn't good enough, huh? $130M requested increase in a fragile economy when natural gas rates are in the gutter? Nice, Ameren.....

At least we have ridiculous water-rate increases and a looming state income-tax hike to look forward to.