Work to improve sewer lines in Urbana will disrupt some traffic

Work to improve sewer lines in Urbana will disrupt some traffic

URBANA – Some sewers in Urbana will have new liners in a project that will be in several neighborhoods for about two weeks.

Brad Bennett, civil engineer, said the city is upgrading 7,500 feet of sewer pipe, involving both storm and sanitary sewers, at various locations beginning Friday through Aug. 31.

Instead of time-consuming, expensive and disruptive trench replacement of sewer pipes, the project will involve installation of a resin "pipe within a pipe," he said.

"It's a true trenchless system," Bennett said. "They use a felt tube sock coated with resin, pull it through the pipe. They then pump in steam which inflates the sock and sets the resin. So it builds a new pipe in the existing pipe."

A robotic camera is sent through the pipe and holes are cut to open the pipe to individual connections, according to Bennett. It takes about an hour to install the resin and another two hours to complete the repair, he said.

"The new liner creates a water-tight, smooth-surfaced and long-lasting pipe within the old sewer," he said.

Residents will be notified with door-hanger brochures if the sanitary or storm sewer serving their house will be lined. One or more lanes of a street may be closed at lining locations to allow the crews from Hoerr Construction of Peoria to set up. Generally, lining of a sewer line is completed within one day.

Streets affected by the project include:

  • Briarcliff Drive Cottage Grove to Philo Road.
  • Broadway Avenue Park Street to Railroad Tracks.
  • Busey Avenue Fairview Avenue to Sunset Drive
  • California Avenue Cedar Street to Race Street
  • Country Squire Drive Hunter Street to Kinch Street
  • Goodwin Avenue Illinois Street to Oregon Street
  • Laurel Drive Michigan Avenue to Philo Road
  • Lincoln Avenue Wascher Drive to Fairview Avenue
  • Linview Avenue Fairview Avenue to Sunset Drive
  • Main Street Urbana Avenue to Maple Street
  • Maple Street Main Street to Elm Street
  • Orchard Street Church Street to Fairview Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Linden Drive to Philo Road
  • Summit Drive Summit Court to Susan Stone
  • Trails Drive Fawn Hill Court to Barony Drive
  • University Avenue Wright Street to Romine Street
  • University Avenue Coler Avenue to McCullough Street
  • Vermont Avenue Greenridge Road to Kinch Street

For more information, call Bennett at 384-2316 or go to the city's website. at