Software company opens center in Research Park

Software company opens center in Research Park

CHAMPAIGN – Canadian software company Infobright has opened a satellite development center in EnterpriseWorks at the University of Illinois Research Park.

Infobright, based in Toronto, Ontario, markets a high-performance analytic database designed to support companies' needs for analytics and business intelligence.

The Champaign office plans to recruit five student interns to work with community manager Jeff Kibler on projects, the company announced this week.

The interns are to develop new applications that will work in conjunction with the database to help users take greater advantage of business data.

The student team will also use social media and other networking tools to attract new users.

During an interview Thursday, Infobright Chief Technology Officer Bob Zurek called the UI "a terrific school with a great reputation for producing top brains in the computer area."

He said company President and Chief Executive Officer Don DeLoach is from the Chicago area and was familiar with the university's strengths.

Zurek said Infobright was founded in 2006 and introduced its analytic database in 2008. In addition to the Infobright Enterprise Edition available to businesses, there's also an Infobright Community Edition, an open-source version that has its own user community.

"The user community is growing fast, with more than 12,000 members now," Zurek said. "We've had over 1 million visitors to the website and 40,000 downloads of the product. We have over 120 (business) customers now in 10 countries."

Zurek said the UI interns will develop sample applications that demonstrate the power of the database. Infobright is looking for interns with skills in applications development, Web development, technical writing and marketing.

Infobright has "just under 50 employees," Zurek said. Although the headquarters is in Canada, a distribution team works from the Boston area, a sales team from the Chicago area and a research and development team from Warsaw, Poland.

The company also has employees in California, he said.

Kibler, the community manager in Champaign, has a bachelor's degree in computer science and master's degree in business administration, both from the UI. Most recently, he was program manager for data quality in Yahoo's audience data pipeline.

Infobright is a privately held company, with investments from Sun Microsystems, Flybridge Capital Partners and RBC Ventures Partners.