New MTD kiosks up and running

New MTD kiosks up and running

URBANA - Five new Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District information kiosks have gone into operation on the University of Illinois campus.

The kiosks display information about scheduled bus arrivals and anticipated waits, and are capable of offering other data, said MTD Managing Director Bill Volk.

"We're installing them at our highest-boarding locations," said Volk. "Besides an LED information scroll they also have an LCD screen with the same information which is more at eye level. And they have the capability for us to send informations, such as reroutes. And potentially we'll be able to put in emergency information, such as if the UI campus had an all-campus emergency."

For more than a year, the MTD has had a kiosk on Lincoln Avenue near the McKinley Health Center. The newest additions are at Ikenberry Commons and at four spots along Goodwin Avenue at the Krannert Center, the Chemical & Life Science Lab, the Materials Science and Engineering Building Lab and the Ceramics Building.

Eventually there will be 24 of the information kiosks along MTD routes.

The kiosks also provide information to those with visual disabilities. With the push of a button, verbal information is provided.

Twenty-two recently ordered kiosks, including the five already installed, cost a total of $821,000, Volk said.

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thechampaignlife wrote on March 22, 2011 at 8:03 am

$37000 per kiosk? Man, I hope that includes a lot of one-time backend server costs or something because that's a pricey computer! I'm sure the power and data hookups and a weather and vandal resistant enclosure and installation are expensive but I guess I never realized how expensive!