UI responds quickly to report of bed bugs in residence-hall room

UI responds quickly to report of bed bugs in residence-hall room

URBANA — Bed bugs invaded campus over the weekend, but apparently kept their invasion to one room, and were immediately crushed by the defenses of the University of Illinois.

Just one dormitory room in Evans Hall was affected Sunday night, said Erin Ciciora, a resident communications coordinator in University Housing.

The student's room was closed off and pesticide work began within an hour of the complaint, she said.

No other room was found to be infected, but residents on that floor and the ones immediately above and below had their rooms treated, Ciciora said.

"The student reported to hall staff (at Busey-Evans). They saw the same thing the student did, and called in to maintenance," she said. "It was a very quick response."

The Campus Water Station coordinates pest control, Ciciora said.

Julie Pryde, executive director of the Champaign-Urbana Public Health district, said she was "not surprised" to hear of a local infestation.

But "they are not known to cause any disease, but they are a huge pain to get rid of," Pryde said.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, bed bugs are small, flat insects, usually reddish-brown and up to a quarter-inch long who enter hotels or residences by "hitch-hiking" on a suitcase or backpack, used furniture or other objects moved from one building to another.

They can survive several months without feeding. The bugs feed on the blood of animals, including people and pets.

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Me_2 wrote on March 30, 2011 at 11:03 pm

Muggins, rapes, beatings, robberys, bed bugs, fire bugs, assasination of the traditional mascot (the chief), and last but not least Tuition Increases year after year.
Can someone tell me again why the Uof I is such a wonderful Institution.
How much more as a City can we take? when will common sense prevail?