Henning residents see pros, cons to loss of post office

Henning residents see pros, cons to loss of post office

HENNING — Henning residents say they have mixed feelings about the possibility that their local post office might close.

"There's good and bad," said Jim Potter, who has lived in Henning for most of his 74 years.

Currently, residents pick up or drop off mail at the post office. If the office were to close, their mail would be delivered by a rural mail carrier. The Postal Service hasn't decided yet whether it might install several multi-unit mailboxes around town or require residents to put an individual box in front of their home.

"That would be pretty cool if it was delivered to your front door," Abbey Garrison said, adding that she and her husband make a lot of online purchases.

But Garrison and Potter said they would miss going to the post office, which has always been a place to see neighbors, catch up on the latest news or read announcements on a community bulletin board.

"My boys like going up there and getting the mail, and I like going up there to talk to the postmaster," Garrison said.

"It's a meeting place," Potter said. "I run into people who the only time I see them is at the post office."

Residents say they were notified about the possible closure about a month ago. The Postal Service held a public meeting on the subject May 26.

Potter said he's somewhat concerned about people vandalizing personal mailboxes, because that has happened to residents who live outside town.

He said the closure "isn't a done deal," but residents were told that a closure could come in nine months to two years, if there are appeals. He said he doesn't know of any resident who's planning an appeal.