Wiegand applied for Champaign superintendent's job in late November

Wiegand applied for Champaign superintendent's job in late November

CHAMPAIGN — Judy Wiegand didn't intend to apply for the Champaign school district superintendent job. As she told The News-Gazette in October, she enjoys her job as assistant superintendent for achievement and public services.

"I do have to say that over the last few months, especially these last two months, my work with (interim Superintendent Robert) Malito has provided me with experiences that have pointed me in this direction," Wiegand said. "I did reconsider and submitted my name for consideration in late November and interviewed similar to the other candidates."

She said the last few months have been "fast-paced," and she needed time to digest what was happening within the district.

"As I thought more about the position, I decided that I wanted to have the opportunity to build off the work done by Arthur Culver and Bob Malito," Wiegand said.

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45solte wrote on December 09, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Ms. Wiegand didn't intend to apply, huh.  Wasn't the deadline for applications October 28th?  What is up with Unit 4's seeming rule 'bending' for those on the inside? Is this part of Unit 4's trust-rebuilding with the community?

'Malito says 45 to 50 people have applied so far, with October 28th being the final day that applications will be accepted.'