Teacher took 'Ironman' challenge to make a point

Teacher took 'Ironman' challenge to make a point

URBANA — Mahomet resident and Cunningham Children's Home teacher Roy Riley will be featured on the NBC-TV broadcast of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship, scheduled to air at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

NBC will feature a special segment on Riley and Cunningham.

A camera crew from NBC followed Riley in Hawaii. The 8-minute segment will highlight Riley's work as a physical education teacher, his preparation for the Ironman Triathlon and his lifelong participation in sports.

Riley was invited to participate in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship because of an essay he wrote explaining how the Ironman motto "Anything is Possible" reflects his life.

Riley's students at Cunningham each signed a visor that he wore during the event.

"My students were with me in spirit, and we've had some great conversations about how the race is similar to life — it isn't always about winning the race, it's about working hard and doing the best you can," he said in a release.

Gerber School, where Riley teaches, provides special education services to residents at Cunningham who have emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Riley also teaches Cunningham kids how to repair bicycles as part of the vocational education program.