Woman charged with helping son, grandson steal from Walmart

Woman charged with helping son, grandson steal from Walmart

SAVOY — A disgruntled Walmart greeter has been charged with either stealing or helping her son and grandson steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Savoy store.

Patricia Malloch, 60, of Tolono, was charged Nov. 23 in Champaign County Circuit Court with felony retail theft alleging that in October and November, either she or her son or grandson stole what she estimated was about $4,000 worth of merchandise.

State's Attorney Julia Rietz said Malloch admitted to deputies that either she stole or allowed her offspring to do so, citing "hard times and a reduction in her hours" as the reasons.

Champaign County sheriff's deputies are looking for Malloch's son, Kenneth Coffman, 41, who listed an address in Tuscola, and her grandson, Aron White, 20, who listed an address in Springfield. Both were charged in warrants issued Wednesday with theft with a prior theft conviction.

Sheriff's deputies obtained video from the Savoy store from Nov. 12 and 22 in which White was seen wheeling about $400 worth of merchandise past his grandmother, who made no apparent attempt to stop him. On Nov. 19, Coffman is seen on video removing about $65 worth of groceries while Malloch watched.

Malloch remains free until her next court appearance Jan. 3.

Judge John Kennedy set bond on the warrant for White and Coffman at $5,000 each.