Nudo will check financial statement after foe's criticism

Nudo will check financial statement after foe's criticism

CHAMPAIGN — State Senate candidate Alan Nudo of Champaign says he will look into whether he made an error filing his statement of economic interest with the Illinois secretary of state.

Nudo's Republican primary opponent, John Bambenek, also of Champaign, charged Thursday in a press release that Nudo failed to list the source of his income in 2010. Nudo is the president of the Champaign-based Robeson's Inc. Longtime Champaign merchant and developer Kyle Robeson is secretary of the firm.

In his economic interest statement, for example, Bambenek reported that his source of income was CIBER Inc., a firm in which he said he is a principal security consultant. Those filing the disclosures do not have to reveal the amount of money made, only that it is more than $1,200.

"I had my accountant look at (the statement of economic interest) and make sure that I was answering questions properly," Nudo said. "I've never filled one out before for a state political office so if I made a mistake on something I'll correct it and get it amended. There was no intent to deceive somebody. I'll have somebody look at it again."

Bambenek's charge was the second attack this week on Nudo's candidacy. Earlier, Adam Andrzejewski, who last year ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for governor, asserted that Nudo had helped elect Democrat Mike Frerichs to the Illinois Senate in 2006. Andrzejewski tied Nudo to a $5,000 campaign contribution to Frerichs from Triple R Development LLC. Bambenek and Nudo are running in the March 20 GOP primary for the opportunity to oppose Frerichs in the November general election.

Nudo vehemently denied Andrzejewski's charge, saying that he has no connection to Triple R.

"The suggestion that I had anything to do with the Triple R contributions to Mike Frerichs is ridiculous. The contribution was arranged by Frerichs' uncles," Nudo said. "Those are the two R's of the three, Lawrence and Kenneth Roessler. Lawrence and Kenneth Roessler are partners, and along with Kyle (Robeson), they formed the Triple R.

"I am not an employee. I get no compensation from them. I have no voting. I had no way to approve or disapprove the contribution. It's ridiculous."

Nudo said that Robeson's Inc. "is an LLC partner with Triple R, but I am not a voting member."

In a statement Andrzejewski released earlier this week, he charged that Nudo is "the Republican establishment hand-picked" opponent of Bambenek. Campaign disclosure records indicate that Andrzejeski has contributed at least $2,000 to Bambenek's campaign, $1,000 from his For the Good of Illinois political action committee and $1,000 from Adam for Illinois, his gubernatorial campaign fund.

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Truth Squad wrote on January 14, 2012 at 12:01 pm

John Bambenek should be ashamed of himself. He is using inaccurate, deceitful information to bring down a good man and the Republican's best shot at defeating Mike Frerichs. Unfortunately, I don't know when Mr. Bambenek and Mr. Andrzejewski forgot President Reagan's "11th Commandment," but they should both be excised from the GOP for this type of shameful politics. I'm glad voters of the 52nd district will be able to see through this disgusting act and actually nominate someone who can bring some real fiscal sanity to our state, instead of the divisive game of politics John Bambenek is playing.

wordslinger wrote on January 14, 2012 at 1:01 pm

You can see the checks for yourself here that clearly show Nudo signed them.  If he has no role in the company, why is he authorized to write checks for them?  If the Rosslers own the company, why didn't they sign the checks?  Isn't it time to come clean, Nudo?

If he has no role in the company, why has he based his entire campaign on all the great stuff he accomplished running the company?

And his economic interests form, withholding information on it is a Class A Misdemeanor and the form is identical to the one he has to fill out for the county board.  He's a realtor who processes hundreds of pages of legal paperwork with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, or dollars on the line.  He suddenly can't handle a form with questions like "Do you have a job?"


spangwurfelt wrote on January 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm

That you, Bambi?

BrunoBehrend wrote on January 15, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Real fiscal sanity from a guy who voted for levy increases and who thinks tax hikes "create jobs?!" You're kidding, right?


The Republican rank and file need to understand that the "establishment candidates" put forth by the existing state and local machines are NOT fiscal conservatives. The inertia that has voters backing "hand-picked" insiders is one of the reason the R party has become so denuded in IL.  The leadership has split the party between big spending local hacks who promote public patronage job expansion, and the taxpaying base that has to fund those unnecessary jobs.


These bosses are part and parcel of the log-rolling spending culture that has bankrupted this state. It should surprise no one that they write each other campaign checks, and primaries are a wonderful opportunity to discuss and decide whether the GOP wants to present solutions that can truly fix the state's problems, or whether they want to be Dem-Lite and have their turn at the public trough.


I'm with Bambenek.

Chad P wrote on January 14, 2012 at 1:01 pm

It's these kind of slandering accusations that keep good people out of politics. Mr. Nudo has done a great deal for our area inside and outside of politics. I hate to see his name being pulled through the mud like this. I'm not sure why a Chicago-area politico is pumping money into Mr. Bambenek's campaign and stirring up bad press in a downstate race.

BrunoBehrend wrote on January 15, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Nudo is the hand-picked water carrier for the Chicago-area GOP leadership, which has failed to distinguish itself in any way shape or form.


Be thankful there are people to help challenge this failed leadership, as a better, smarter, bolder, GOP is the only way this state gets repaired. Relying on the people who got us into this mess to make things better is foolish.

A Very Busy Mom wrote on January 14, 2012 at 6:01 pm

I work in a very small company and sometimes the primary signatory is not around.  I have to hunt up a board member who is on the checking account to get them to sign a check.

This does not mean that they were involved in the check process, just that they are a signatory on an approved invoice.

Why do people always feel the need to throw stones.


We all make mistakes and hopefully we all learn from them.


Three words for you  ----------------   LET IT GO!


BrunoBehrend wrote on January 15, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Do regular Republicans ever learn from their mistakes backing establishment hacks who either a) lose, or b) get to Springfield to become slaves of the culture of corruption?

Let's hope so.

Nudo signed the checks. Claiming ignorance is nearly unbelievable. If Nudo wins the primary, you have a choice between Frerichs and some one who wrote Frerichs checks to get elected.

WOW! Big change!

Or, you could back a newcomer with bigger, better. bolder ideas. One offers no change, one offers the opportunity for change.

Learn from mistakes indeed!