Urbana imposes rules for Unofficial

Urbana imposes rules for Unofficial

URBANA — The city of Urbana is home to far fewer campus bars than Champaign, but Mayor Laurel Prussing is making the rules similar on both sides of Wright Street during Unofficial St. Patrick's Day.

The special rules she ordered under her authority as the city's liquor commissioner for March 2 will apply in reality to only one bar: The Canopy Club at 708 S. Goodwin Ave.

The bar will not be allowed to serve liquor before 11 a.m. March 2, and it will not be able to host any special events or serve alcohol as undiluted shots or in pitchers. Drinks may not be served in glass or metal containers, according to the mayor's order.

Police Chief Patrick Connolly is ordering that the bar not allow entry to anyone under age 21 on March 2 through the early morning hours of March 3. Typically, customers as young as 18 may be allowed entry at The Canopy Club.

The rules are similar to those Prussing ordered last year, and they closely mirror those issued last week by Champaign Mayor Don Gerard. Orders in Champaign, however, will be in effect for two days on March 2 and 3, and the Champaign mayor has put restrictions on package liquor stores, too.

Prussing pointed out that Champaign has chosen to allow shots of undiluted alcohol this year and allow bars to open one hour earlier at 10 a.m.

"We're sort of holding the line on where we were, and it's been kind of loosened up in Champaign," Prussing said.

However, Champaign extended its rules this year also to be in effect on the Saturday following the Friday event. Champaign is home to many more campus bars than Urbana, and the rules there apply to a wider area.

"It's not really a huge Urbana issue," Prussing said. "We try to help Champaign."