Out-of-town student fell from balcony at Unofficial

Out-of-town student fell from balcony at Unofficial

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign police now say there was at least one serious injury reported to them on Unofficial St. Patrick's Day.

Sgt. Jim Clark said a 21-year-old Naperville man who admitted he had been drinking fell from a balcony of an apartment building at 501 E. Healey St., C, and sustained a broken pelvis and broken bones on the left side of his face.

He remained hospitalized Wednesday in good condition at Carle Foundation Hospital, Clark said.

"The person who found him did not know him. She was walking on the sidewalk and he just appeared in front of her. He fell on the sidewalk," Clark said.

The man fell about 10:30 p.m., but Clark said it was not clear from the officer's report how far he fell.

A rain gutter next to a second-floor balcony appeared to be bent about 20 feet above the ground, suggesting he fell at least that far. There are four stories on that side of the building.

"He was trying to climb from an upper balcony to a lower balcony and he fell," Clark said, reading from the report.

Clark said the man, a student at the College of DuPage, was interviewed that night by an officer. He admitted to the officer that he had been consuming alcohol.

"He was confident that he fell and wasn't pushed. He remembered falling but could not remember the time before he fell. He did not know how or why. He's lucky to be alive," Clark said.

Clark said the people in the apartment where the man had been were not aware of the accident at the time.

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