Danville working on sales tax agreement for T.J. Maxx

Danville working on sales tax agreement for T.J. Maxx

DANVILLE — City of Danville officials this morning released a proposed sales tax agreement that would assist developers in bringing a T.J. Maxx store to the North Vermilion retail site that already includes plans for a Kohl's store.

The sales tax agreement would be with Continental development, the Milwaukee-based firm that purchased the former K's Merchandise site at North Vermilion and Boiling Springs Road in north Danville. Continental has an agreement with Kohl's as the anchor store at that location, and is now moving toward finalizing an agreement with T.J. Maxx to be the "junior" anchor. Continental has an outlot on the same site that the firm is trying to fill.

Two weeks ago, it was announced that Meijer has optioned property immediately south of the Continental retail development site and intends to build a 190,000-square-foot store that will also include a convenience store and gas station.

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Jamesl86 wrote on March 09, 2012 at 12:03 pm

There is too many stores coming to Danville.  These three businesses that are opening in the near future will put a bunch of the businesses in the Village Mall out of business and possibly even Sears and Kmart out of business at the same time.  I don't think that these current stores located in Danville were considered before the mayor thought about allowing these new stores to move here.

Danville resident