Wise: 'I feel like I'm just part of a great team'

Wise: 'I feel like I'm just part of a great team'

Chancellor Phyllis Wise said she never regretted her decision to take the University of Illinois job, nor did she consider leaving during all the turmoil that led to President Micheal Hogan's resignation last month.

"I really did feel that I'm not a quitter. I don't know whether people know that yet. I'm here for as long as the work is valued," Wise said in an interview with The News-Gazette earlier this month.

"I continued to believe that I could make a difference here. There were some times that I realized it might be more difficult, or more challenging maybe is the better word.

"But you know, I firmly believe that Michael Hogan wanted the same thing I did. He wanted to make the University of Illinois better. We may have had slightly different ways of going about it, but his intentions were the right ones."

The chancellor said every time she has moved there has been a period of "finding your equilibrium" with co-workers.

"I was trying to do that with President Hogan, and learning his leadership style, and trying to feel my way through all of that. It was a great learning experience for me."

She said she was almost "intimidated" by the level of support she received from faculty because she was so new to campus, and she hopes she can meet expectations.

"They've told me that they want great leadership here, that they want to think about the long-term future, they want to get invested in the future of this university. You know this is their home, in a very, very substantial way. So I feel like I'm just part of a great team."

This story appeared in print on April 22.