County officials organizing search and rescue team

County officials organizing search and rescue team

     Champaign County officials are looking for help in cases where someone is missing or needs rescue.
     Sheriff Dan Walsh said a  search and rescue volunteer team will be assembled to provide the help.

     Walsh said an area pilot has volunteered to fly his helicopter to help in searches, and some others who own horses have expressed interest in helping.  He says people who can provide such things as snowmobiles or ATVs are also needed.

     The sheriff said the volunteers must meet certain qualifications.

     Businesses are also welcome to donate equipment.  The county Emergency Management Agency would coordinate the volunteers, including providing the training.
     Walsh said one of the most recent cases where the extra help was needed involved a 3 year-old boy who wandered a way from his rural St. Joseph home near a river.

     Walsh says the boy was eventually found unharmed, but the case prompted plans for a team of trained volunteers.