Recommendations for traffic safety

Recommendations for traffic safety

Here's a look at recommendations for improving traffic safety at other the schools:

Catlin Elementary School and Catlin High School

— Buses would use Mills Street to drop off/pick up grade school students, drive through the grade school and high school parking lots to drop off/pick up high school students, then exit onto Westwood Drive.

— Parents would use the one-way drive in front of the high school to drop off/pick up students at the front door. Parents would use Fleming Street to drop off/pick up students at the grade school, then exit on Mills Street.

— Both parking lots would be striped to designate driving lanes and parking spots

A gate separating the parking lots would be installed to cut down on vehicles cutting through the lots.

"Because the two campuses are connected, students are walking between the schools alongside buses and through traffic from parents picking up and dropping off students," said Adam Aull, director of the Danville Area Transportation Study, which commissioned the school-zone traffic study

— A sidewalk from the grade school to the high school would be built along the north side of both parking lots and along the south end of the football field, and a crosswalk connecting the sidewalk to the high school would be installed.

— An old tennis court area north of the high school parking lot entrance off of Westwood would be turned into additional parking for students and visitors.

Pinecrest Elementary in Georgetown

— The current entrance would be closed and moved to Sanders Street. A new driveway would be built on the north side of the school.

"That will allow two rows of cars to stack in front of the school," Aull said. "That will get them off of Kennedy Drive so there's less backup on the through street. The cars would each take turns moving into a single file and exit on Kennedy again.

— The parking lot at the back of the school could be expanded.

Judith Giacoma Elementary in Westville

— Parents would continue to enter the school on the C&EI drive, drop off their kids at the front door and exit on Walnut Street.

— Buses would use Walnut Street to enter on the south side of the school, swing around the playground and line up to unload and load students.

"Again we're separating the (vehicle) modes and letting the parents come in and exit efficiently and not have conflict with buses," Aull said.

— Crosswalks by the main entrance and Walnut street could be installed to provide remind motorists they are entering a school zone.

Westville Junior High

— Parents will enter the school on Moses Street, drop off their kids on Jefferson Street and exit south onto Williams Street. They also will have the option of turning around in the circle drive and exiting back onto Moses.

— Buses will enter from Illinois 1 onto Moses Street, unload and load students on the north side of the school, then exit on the rear driveway onto Williams Street.

— The parking in front of the school would be moved to the rear by the baseball diamonds.

— A new sidewalk along the east side of the baseball diamonds could be built. "Right now, a portion of the Jefferson Street pavement morphs right into the sidewalk," he said, adding that would be separated with a grassy area. A new crosswalk connecting the sidewalk and the school also could be built.

Detailed recommendations and those for Cannon Elementary School are available at