Group donates $30,000 for teaching kitchen

Group donates $30,000 for teaching kitchen

URBANA — Flatlander Food Foundry is donating nearly $30,000 to help cover the costs of equipping Common Ground Food Co-Op's teaching kitchen, the group announced last week.

The Flatlander Fund was organized in July 2010, shortly after the death of chocolate entrepreneur Daniel H. Schreiber, to help carry out his visions.

The original goal was development of an incubator-style kitchen for use by community members.

But in collaborating with Common Ground, the group decided the co-op's teaching kitchen would have the most lasting impact on the community.

"Common Ground was one of Dan's favorite places," said Mary Ellen Farrell, board chair of Flatlander Food Foundry. "His chocolate was sold there. The people in the co-op were his friends."

The Flatlander Teaching Kitchen is an idea he would have enthusiastically endorsed, Farrell said.

The teaching kitchen and classroom are a part of Common Ground's expansion at Urbana's Lincoln Square Village.

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rsp wrote on May 29, 2012 at 6:05 pm

"Dan's Kitchen"?