AT&T Wireless asks Danville for variance to build tall cell tower

AT&T Wireless asks Danville for variance to build tall cell tower

DANVILLE — AT&T Wireless wants to build a new cellphone tower on West Fairchild Street that would be almost 50 feet higher than the city allows.

The company has requested a variance from the city's regulations that would allow for construction of a telecommunication tower 199 feet high at 1300 W. Fairchild St., according to Chris Milliken, planning and zoning manager for the city. The city's regulations have a 150-foot-height limit, but a variance can be requested from the city's zoning board of appeals.

A hearing to consider the variance request will be 3 p.m. Monday at the municipal building, 17 W. Main St., Danville.

Milliken said the proposed location of the tower is on property owned by Aqua Illinois at the site of its water treatment plant immediately northwest of Provena United Samaritans Medical Center on Logan Avenue.

Milliken said the property is river bottom land, bordering the North Fork River, and is already zoned agricultural. He said the company could go ahead and put up a 150-foot tower today, but because the property is about 50 feet lower than surrounding land, the company needs the additional 49 feet to get the tower high enough to be beneficial. Milliken said the company needs the tower to improve cellphone coverage in that area. Milliken said the city has several other towers that exceed the 150-foot regulation.

The city notified about 20 property owners in the area of the company's request, and Milliken said only one resident called with a question but did not object to the company's plans.

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Oliver wrote on July 18, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Why not? Higher tower, better signal, and cell phones are here to stay and I think for the much better than worse. There is very sparse airplane traffic over our town and the helicopters know where their landing pads are. 'u'