Champaign to have more high-school hall monitors

Champaign to have more high-school hall monitors

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign school board Monday voted 5-0 to hire nine new hall monitors for its high schools at a special meeting.

The new monitors are a part of an emphasis to make sure students are in classrooms as much as possible, said Superintendent Judy Wiegand said.

The idea of adding more monitors follows a model used at Urbana High School, Wiegand said. Champaign's two high schools already had three or four hall monitors each.

But more monitors will mean there will be enough to watch all the schools' entrances, and an adult will be present even after school, when extracurriculars are going on, she said.

They'll be trained about how to defuse conflict, as well, she said.

Board President Sue Grey said more hall monitors will reinforce the schools' expectations of students and their behavior.

"Any time you add adults in the buildings, it's a good thing," Grey said.

Adding the new monitors is expected to cost between about $153,000 and $164,600, with each monitor being paid about $17,000 to about $18,700.

Board members Ileana Saveley and Stig Lanesskog were absent from Monday's special meeting.

The board also approved, by a vote of 5-0, a contract with Champaign Telephone Co. for structured cabling and a paging and clock system for Westview Elementary School.

The cabling will cost about $90,000 and the clock system will cost about $56,000, which will be paid for from the capital projects fund.

Westview is being renovated, and its students will attend school at the former Carrie Busey Elementary on Kirby Avenue this fall.

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aantulov wrote on October 14, 2012 at 7:10 am

Monitors are $ liability in conflict, maybe they should look at the problem systemically as well.

What good is a monitor asking where are you supposed to be when you have no coded picture I.D.?  Even the new "mom and pop" Indian food store on Springfield has a state of the art catalog system, and it costs a lot less.

Never before has data management and instant identification card making computerized machines been so effective and inexpensive. The are proven effective tools to simplify complex issues of safety and finance. Yet each middle and high school Champaign still are unable to provide cards in a timely matter rendering the entire effort ineffective. Each semester instead of week where one does not “have to have a card”, the period has been up to two months. That’s two months, face to face issues of who gets subsidized breakfast, lunch, libraries access, services in general, admittance to events, in fact officials have no way on insuring that bullies from other schools are on not their premises besides diligent guess work. And teens experience doubt and chaos in what should be a smooth interaction, damaging their self esteem and faith in those in authority.

These archaic methods may have worked well in the past when the school demographic was constant, but this community has been getting the indigent from big cities daily. As more enter, anyone who can leave the public schools does. Dedicated teachers and school officials have been operating as best the can with what they have been given.

This community has also been getting “developers” arriving on private jets building apartments to collect steady “section 8” rents. And, building skyscrapers with luxuries with DECADES long tax breaks. This is why your property taxes are going up, and services down.

Since money is the only solution to this problem, please let me point out that having school kids carry a card with pride in the picture has infinite marketing to get kids to shop in certain stores, and brand familiarity. Certainly looking at “Coca Cola” or “JC Penny” every day has an affect.

Could one of the millionaires passing thru town give us back a small portion of the tax dollars they have not paid by providing each middle and high school with a state of the art identification system? Does not one feel it a good idea to have the statement “Buy made in USA” on the back of every card used daily by the next generations?